Limited by pain or fatigue?

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The mindful science-based way to exercise for whole-person health

You know exercise is important.  You may even know what to do.  But when you are limited by pain, fatigue, or are just not motivated, you feel stuck!

You may be putting off exercising until you lose weight, get through a stressful time, or have less pain or more energy.

But you know not exercising is only making things worse.  You wish there was a time-efficient way to exercise that would leave you with less pain and more energy now.

You found it!

I created Exercising Well, for anyone who wants to enjoy exercising, but especially for people limited by pain or fatigue.  By skillfully integrating movement and motivation science and is simplified with the skill of mindfulness, you get to feel better from day one!   Replace the struggle with exercising with confidence you know how to exercise to reduce or eliminate pain and fatigue, age well and keep yourself motivated.

Whether you are starting, re-starting, or simply need a fresh start with exercising, the powerful combination of health coaching and an easy-to-use online program, give you the personalized, professional guidance you need to spiral up!

If you are ready to change how you think about exercise and develop a plan for integrating exercise into YOUR life, this program is for you! I now know what to do, when to do it, and how much to do. I’ve seen a significant reduction in my pain and inflammation levels. I have a deeper understanding of my relationship with exercise. I have a shift in mindset around what is enough for exercise and thanking my body for being my body.  


Exercising Well Member

Janet imparts the reasoning behind the strategy and method of exercise to ensure you improve your body and brain simultaneously.  Knowing why it works and why gimmicks and the latest “fad” exercises might not work, contributes to healthy motivation and habit formation.  It’s not difficult, it makes sense and it helps you stay healthy and age well. 


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It took a back injury for me to search for a program that would help me get my mobility and strength back again, but I wish I had done it sooner! I can’t say enough good things about the Exercising Well program. Janet is so knowledgeable about exactly what types of movement and exercise is needed to fulfill personal goals. The mobility training alone, and the ease of learning it and implementing it into my everyday life comes naturally now. It takes minutes a day and my body feels so strong and capable when I finish. It has even helped with my carpal tunnel and other daily body aches that I didn’t realize this program could help alleviate! I highly recommend this to people of all ages and strengths, recovering from injury or just trying to prevent one. The videos are so easy to watch.  Having Janet personalize a program specifically for your own needs is remarkable! I’m so happy I found this!


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 Hi I’m Janet Huehls

Founder of Exercising Well.

The focus of my career has been to use exercise as medicine for people with heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, and other medical issues.  The most common barriers come down to the pain and fatigue associated with illness.  But the answers are not one size fits all. 

I’ve found that by combining science-based movement and motivation skills with mindful self-compassion are key ingredients that allow you to meet yourself where you are and rebuild a solid foundation of confidence in not only your body but your whole person.

As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and certified health coach, I have refined this method over the past thirty years to help thousands of people challenged by pain, weight gain, weakness, stiffness, fatigue, depression, and anxiety and witnessed how it restored their ability to enjoy life.  I look forward to hearing your story and exploring how this unique method can help you spiral up!