Your Strong Foundation of Exercising for

Whole-person Health

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The simple, science-based way to be healthy and well

When your body has been changed by a health issue or stressful time in your life, your ‘zest’ is slowly drained away.  You know exercising, eating healthy, and managing stress would help but when you are low on energy, motivation, and time.

Exercise only seems to make you feel worse, eating right seems like a never-ending task, and trying to be ‘good’ only adds to your stress!  You’ve been searching for a simple way to stay motivated to do all the things you know you should to be healthy.

You’ve found it!

Start Well™ is the way to Move on with Confidence.™️.   This is the six-week, science-based program that restores your whole-person health after an injury, illness or stressful time in life.  With the powerful combination of weekly coaching and an easy-to-use online program, you get personalized, step-by-step guidance.  You feel better from day one and restore your physical, mental, and emotional foundation so you are ready to move on knowing how to feel and function your best every day.   

 Hi I’m Janet Huehls

Founder of Exercising Well.

Whether you are just starting, restarting, or simply wanting a fresh start with healthy habits, I created the Be Well Now method for you!

By combining science-based movement and motivation skills with mindfulness, I take you step by step through rebuilding a solid foundation of confidence in not only your body but your whole person.

As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and certified health coach, I have refined this method over the past thirty years to help thousands of people challenged by pain, weight gain, weakness, stiffness, fatigue, depression and anxiety and witnessed how it restored their ability to enjoy life.  I look forward to hearing your story and sharing this method with you!