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Don’t wait to feel better. Be Well Now.

You want to be and stay healthy. You know exercise is important.  So why is it so difficult to get started and stay motivated? 

Your brain is hardwired to do what makes you feel better now, and avoid what makes you you feel worse now.  When starting exercise means pain, fatigue, embarrassment, or added stress, your brain just can not stay motivated to keep doing it and you move further away from being healthy.  

Exercising Well is the way to exercise so your whole-person to feels better from day one, and your brain wants to continue and you move in the direction of better health.  By seamlessly blending science-based movement and motivation with the skill of mindfulness, you build a strong foundation for moving well and motivating well to Be Well Now.   

Exercise becomes more than just another thing you should do for your health, it becomes a reliable way to Be Well now, which is the foundation for whole-person health

Get science-based simplicity and built in support each step of the way.  

  • Regular health coaching sessions
  • Unlimited access to an easy-to-use app personalized just for you
  • A simple roadmap to with step-by-step programs
  • Strength, mobility, stamina, balance and yoga videos right at your fingertips 


 Hi I’m Janet Huehls

Founder and Creator of Exercising WELL 

I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, certified health coach, mindful movement teacher, and working mom of four.

I created Exercising Well because for thirty years I have seen how complicated it has become to be healthy. It has become clear the first step to any lasting healthy change is the ability to listen to and trust your body.  I am concerned with the way our culture uses exercise to take you away from this foundational skill.   

I want you to know how to move well, to be well now so you are naturally motivated to do what you know is right for your health and wellbeing.   

Whole-person health without the stress

Exercising Well is carefully designed to give you the support, resources and guidance you need without the overwhelm of too much at once so you can enjoy whole person health with confidence.    

Feel better

Health is defined as freedom disease, but I’m willing to bet you want more than that! You want to feel better, and you would like that as soon as possible!  Well I have good news for you!  The way to better health is to do what helps you feel and function better now!  When you feel better, your body shifts to the state of well and that is when health happens!  You don’t have to wait to feel better. Knowing how to move well means you feel better from day one while regaining trust in your body.

Calm Stress


Stress is the state when health and healing and weight loss are put on the back burner. The most important thing you can do for your health is to know how to calm stress, so your whole person can get back to restoring health.  Because stress is your body preparing for movement, you cannot think your way out of stress. You need to move, but not in a way that will add to your stress.  Exercising Well is where you learn how to move to be well now.  


Stay Motivated

Did you know that the most common tips for motivating and creating habits only work in the short term, and lower the chances of long term changes.  Changing habits is a science, and mindfulness is the most powerful tool for lasting changes.  Fortunately, it’s also one of the most powerful skills for exercising to calm stress and feel better.  Through our coaching sessions and the online programs, you will learn self-motivation skills that calm those nagging worries about staying motivated.  Your Inner Trainer is in there! We will help you learn how to use it and trust it!

 Exercising Well Membership Makes it Simple

Simply choose how often you want coaching sessions and you are on your way! 

Start with a free membership to build a strong foundation for whole-person health – the ability to Be Well Now 

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Exercise is Medicine

Exercising Well makes it simple, science-based and sustainable.

For patients 

Arthritis, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, and many other health concerns can be helped by exercise.  However, they also add a layer of challenge to exercising regularly and safely. As a clinical exercise physiologist, with thirty years of work in  hospital clinics, I know how to guide you through using exercise as medicine.   My FREE resources page is a great place to start.    

For medical professionals

I am here to make your job easier. In a perfect world, professionals who recommend exercise would have a Clinical Exercise Physiologist to guide their patients and clients through using exercise as medicine and a Certified Health Coach to help them make it a lasting habit. Exercising WELL provides you with both!   


A lot can happen in a week!


When life gets stressful, exercise is often the first thing to go!
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