Leave the pain and stress of exercise behind and enjoy


With Exercising Well online coaching program

When you are exercising well, any moment can be a fresh start!

Whether you are not exercising, not getting enough, or just not getting what you want from it, exercise can cause more stress than wellbeing.

When you just want to be healthy, but are limited by pain, fatigue or time, Exercising Well meets you right where you and guides you each step of the way to better health and wellbeing.

This is a fresh approach to exercising because its grounded in body and brain sciences, so you get whole-person benefits and lasting motivation.

The step-by-step, flexible program is conveniently located online and combined with regular professional health coaching for personalized support.

Finally! You found an approach to exercise that let’s your whole-person feel better right from the start!

Hi I’m Janet Huehls

Founder and Creator of Exercising WELL

I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, certified health coach, mindful yoga teacher, working mom of four.
Like you, I know how important exercise is for health, but also how stressful it can be to get enough and stay motivated.

That is why I created Exercising Well! Over the past thirty years I have seen how misinformation wastes time and causes more pain, stress and confusion. I have designed this step by step comprehensive program that transforms exercise in a reliable way to calm stress, lower pain, and have more energy right from the start!

Join our community of women and men, from 18-80 years old, who are enjoying whole-person wellbeing with this fresh approach to exercise.

Three simple steps to Exercising WELL

Each part of Exercising Well is carefully designed to provide a clear path for doing enough exercise, without doing too much too soon, while building skills for being self-motivated.
With regular coaching sessions and the online community you are never alone on this journey to a stronger, healthier, more confident you!

Start WELL

Start WELL is the first 28 days of Exercising Well to build astrong foundation for your body and your mind. In this step bystep program you gradually learn the right way to move so youfeel better instantly. At the same time you learn the method formaking exercise a lasting habit. blend of strength, stretching,balance and cardiovascular exercise in the most time-efficientway possible.

Improve your mobility strength and stamina in away specifically designed to make them a lasting habit.

In just four weeks, you will be enjoying a simple, well balancedexercise program, personalized for the whole-person resultsyou really want.


Build on the strong foundation you created in Start WELL through these easy to use programs for learning how to grow your mobility, strength and stamina while continuing your skills for self motivation. With easy to follow templates, you know what to do, but have the flexibility to choose the levels that fit your body and your time.

This flexibility is the key ingredient for an approach to exercise that keeps you motivated, especially when life gets stressful, because that’s when you need it most!


In this sections you will find a wide range of well-outs (AKA Workouts) you can use to exercise with me anytime.
Stay strong, flexible and energized every day with videos and audios that range from one minute to sixty minutes long.
With those choices, it’s easy to exercise to reduce stress and feel better every day, especially at times you might be tempted to put your health habits on hold.

Well-outs are your go-to way to exercise together and restore your wellbeing when in simple, easy to access fun videos and audios.

Choose your level of coaching support

Coaching is the science of creating lasting healthy habits. Our regular coaching conversations lead to the ‘ah ha’ moments that ensure you personalize the information and stay on course.

As your clinical exercise physiologist, I am your guide to knowing how to exercise safely in the way that is just right for you right now. I tie that together with mind/body tools that help you learn to listen to and trust your body each step of the way.

Choose how often you want coaching sessions based on how much support you prefer right now. As your support needs change, you may change your membership level at any time.

Each level includes unlimited access to the online platform and the ability to message me directly with questions or support between sessions.


One coaching session every three months plus online programs.



One coaching session per month plus online programs.



One coaching session per week plus online programs.


Not Sure?

Try Exercising WELL for free!

Schedule a FREE initial coaching session and receive the first week of the Start Well program. You have nothing to lose except that dread of starting exercise.



I have more energy, focus, interest and vitality. I look at exercise completely different than I did before. I am focusing on my self care which makes me a better person for those I care about. I am blessed by the transformation that your approach to exercise has created in my mentality



Janet has had a transformative impact on my relationship with my body and exercise. Her approach is patient, comprehensive and scientific, a powerful combination that has helped even me, a physician for over 20 years, radically rethink wellness. 



I waited thirty years to have the physical ability to get back in my kayak!  With your help I was able to uncover my main sustaining motivation for exercise – the joy of being active with my family!” 


Exercise is Medicine

Exercising WELL makes it more user-friendly!

Does your health limit your ability to exercise? 

Arthritis, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, and many other health concerns can be helped by exercise.  However, they also add a layer of challenge to exercising regularly and safely. As a clinical exercise physiologist, with thirty years of work in  hospital clinics, I know how to guide you through using exercise as medicine.   My FREE resources page is a great place to start.    

Are you a professional who recommends exercise?

Exercising WELL is here to make your job easier. In a perfect world, professionals who recommend exercise would have a Clinical Exercise Physiologist there to guide their patients and clients through using exercise as medicine and a Certified Health Coach to help them make it a lasting habit. Exercising WELL provides both,  in one convenient online program.  

A lot can happen in a week!

When life gets stressful, exercise is often the first thing to go!

That’s why every week I send out an email with a positively inspirational message about exercising to be healthy and well.

Click the link below to infuse your inbox with simple ways to use exercise to stay well at the times need it most.