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Welcome to Exercising Well!

When I first moved to central Massachusetts almost twenty years ago, I was pregnant with my second child. After a 72-hour labor with my first child, and a bout of anxiety over becoming a mom after he was born, I knew I needed to find an OBGYN group that offered a whole-person approach to care. I am still so grateful I found it in Women’s Health of Central Massachusetts. Through two pregnancies, one miscarrage, a concerning lump in my breast, and now menopause, I have felt cared for each step of the way.    

I have been a health care provider for the past thirty years, as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist working in cardiac rehabilitation and now in a hospital-based weight loss program. As a clinician, I know how challenging it has become to offer that personalized whole-person care in healthcare today. There is less and less time to spend with each patient, and more and more challenges to address in the short time you are face-to-face with a patient. This is why I always appreciated the quality of care I receive at Women’s Health and why I am so thrilled to be partnering with them through my Exercising WELL Coaching program.  

I created this program to be a simple and cost-effective way to fill the gap between knowing you should exercise and staying motivated to do it. I have witnessed too many people struggle unnecessarily with exercise as a result of misguided information or the wrong program for their goals.  I am especially passionate about helping people who have just recovered from an illness, have gained weight, or are coming off a stressful time in life, and typical approaches to exercise only leave them feeling worse.    

Over the years, I have found that when exercise is science-based, it is simplified. When it is personalized, it is motivating. When it meets your body where you are right now, it allows you to spiral up again.  Exercising WELL is carefully designed to be a step-by-step, science based method for exercising when you want to be healthy and feel better.  Conveniently located online it includes: 

  • Professional guidance through regular tele-health coaching sessions with a me and private instant messaging, giving you support right at your fingertips
  • Simple step-by-step online programs that are easy to use, even if you are not-so-tech savvy, giving you confidence you can stick with it.
  • Personalized health app that gives you just what you need without overwhelming you with what you don’t. Together we will put videos and resources on your app so you can access what you need when you need it.   With a growing library of exercises and programs for stretching, balance, strength training, cardiovascular exercise and yoga you can grow your ability to move well to be well now in personalized and balanced way 

Use the code WHCMA20 to receive 20% off your first three month of membership to Exercising Well. 

Contact me at Janet@ExercisingWELL.com.  

Wishing you health, well-being, and happiness.