In my last blog, I clarified how the pelvic floor muscles are an important major muscle group, designed to function with the core muscles, rather than separately.  However, even when the pelvic floor muscles are added to core exercises, there is still a missing link.  We tend to work on our core muscles like other muscles that are designed as levers, pulling on joints to move.

But the core muscles are different. They are mainly stabilizers not movers.  The job of the core is to be a support system for the trunk, to keep it in alignment  so the rest of the body can be strong.  

male abs

We first need to build muscle memory for gaining conscious control over these muscles.  That means contracting consciously, rather than as a response to moving against gravity, as with crunches, and in an upright position, not horizontal, as with planks.

The great news is, this makes building a strong core so much easier.   Once we re-train these muscles to be the support system as designed, we then integrate the core as a support while doing exercises for the rest of the body.  

(And, since spot reducing in a myth, you are not going to get a flat belly from doing lots of core work.  So let’s stop wasting time on myth-based core programs making promises the body just can’t keep.)

This is a big reason why my new online course is called Simply Strong.  When we clear away all the myth-based exercises, especially the ones about the core, we come away with a simple approach to strength training.  Step 2 of Simply Strong is dedicated to teaching your core muscles to function together with simple exercises so you can integrate your whole core into  basic strength exercises in Step 3.

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