Last blog, we highlighted how draining it is on motivation to dive into an exercise program, only to be sharply reminded of how far we have to go. The body reminds us quickly that, just like everything else in nature, it needs time to grow and get stronger.  When we give our body the right amount of what it needs, especially in the beginning of building strength, just like a seedling we get what we want in the end.

growing plantThe second motivation drain from diving in is found in the old saying “look before you leap.”   Exercise training is specific—you get what you train for.  Since your body adapts to what you give it, the first step to starting an exercise program is to know what you want from it.  If you don’t want to be an athlete, there is no need to train like one.  If you just want to feel better, discover how to exercise to feel better now.  Fitness marketing can having you chasing the dream of having six-pack abs, when what you really want is just to feel better and be stronger to enjoy life!

When we dive in to exercise, we miss the chance to tap into our natural source of motivation—what is important to us about doing it. This is what gives us the energy to keep going. It needs to be deeper than just a number on the scale or having “fab abs; it needs to be about what it means to you because any time we are doing something important to us, motivation and energy are there naturally.

However, just as a seedling needs time to grow roots to sustain it, getting to the root of your “why” takes a bit of time and attention. When you are guided by clarity about what you really want, you give yourself the best chance of getting it and sustaining it.

Uprooting And Power ConceptIsn’t it great to know there is no need to suffer through the beginning of an exercise program, hoping you will stay motivated long enough to “get results?” Make this time different. Grow roots that will sustain your motivation naturally, no pain and suffering required.  It all starts with Step 1 of Simply Strong, my new online course.

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