This time of year, there are ads everywhere promising you can have a “new you.” Well, I want to know, what is wrong with the “old” you?

Seriously! Let’s say “no” to the guilt- and shame-based marketing trying to tell you you are not enough, you can’t trust your body or your willpower. Let’s boycott the “you need fixing” strategy to get you to buy into that myth. Let’s ignore the marketing of the newest program for transforming your body into the (photo-shopped) “after” photos.

You know what is most important to you. You know what is best for your body. You have a built-in Inner Trainer™ whose voice gets drowned out by the noise these ads make constantly in the background of our daily lives.

The first step is clearing these myths from your mind. They are so sneaky, we don’t even realize they are there. Let’s bring these myths out into the open so we can see how they really don’t make sense (like the images selling sweaty workouts because ‘sweating means more benefits’—it doesn’t). Let’s keep in mind the true definition of fitness—the ability to enjoy your life, every day! And most importantly, let’s remember the “you” that is reading this is just fine as you are.