What makes exercising well different

What makes Exercising WELL different?

Are you tired of wasting time, energy, and money on exercise equipment, programs and gym memberships? I have a solution for you. 

For the past thirty years in my role as a clinical exercise physiologist, clients have told me how they struggle to get enough exercise. The fact is, only 24% of people get enough exercise, a statistic that has improved by only by 6% in the past 12 years.  There is a reason we are struggling to get enough exercise.  

I created Exercising WELL because I learned from the success stories of people who break through the clutter of misinformation about exercise and motivation and start exercising in the way their body is designed to move well and their mind is designed to motivate well. And when they did this, exercise ceased being a struggle and became a way to enjoy more of life. 

What makes Exercising WELL different?

There are three ways Exercising WELL is different and sets you on a new course with exercise that is designed to last. 

Exercising WELL is a practical method, not a list of exercises.

Exercising well means you know how to use exercise in your everyday life to feel and function your best, in your whole person. This method is the blend of exercise and motivation sciences combined in a step-by-step process you can easily apply to any type of exercise or program, or even other healthy habits you want to develop. 

Learn how to exercise the right way. Rather than showing you exercises and you wondering if you are doing them right, with Exercising WELL, you learn how to exercise the right way for your body. With a blend of information about movement science, and using the skill of mindfulness to listen to and trust your body, you will be confident you are moving right and can choose which exercises are right for you. 

Start Smart™. When you feel sore at the start of an exercise program, it feels like you are making progress or ‘paying your dues’ for being ‘out of shape’. But in reality, your body is just telling you that it was too much, too soon and it cannot grow stronger at the rate you are asking it to. The bigger problem is that it sets up a ‘negative habit loop’.  That means each time you restart an exercise program, you need more and more willpower to get started. This is the root cause of the all-or-nothing with exercise. Start Smart takes you step-by-step through building a strong foundation for your body and your mind, so you don’t do too much, too soon while building skills for self-motivation. The result is you feel better from day one and each day forward, you gain confidence you will stay motivated without life getting in the way. 

Motivation tools specific for exercise for health and wellbeing. Often the science of exercise does not consider the science of motivation. When it does, it is usually applied to improving sports performance.  But motivation for exercising in athletics only needs to be short term, not to last a lifetime.  In Exercising WELL, I have taken the science for lasting motivation and applied it to exercise specifically for the goal of being healthy and well for life. Every exercise is designed to be motivating and every motivational technique is designed for healthy exercise. 

The WELL Habits™ method for lasting habits. Success with setting goals depends greatly on how you design them. Some goals are short-term, but when you want something to become a healthy habit, there are some key elements missing from tools like SMART goals. WELL stands for the steps of a simple, science-based, four-step method called WELL Habits that gets you motivated and keeps you motivated.

Exercising WELL is a balanced, whole-person way to exercise for being healthy and well

Confidence you are doing enough exercise. It can seem like you can never do enough exercise— there is always more you could be doing, or should be doing, especially if you are exercising to lose weight. In Exercising WELL, confidence you are doing enough is a priority each step of the way. Enough is based on science, personalized by what is most important to you. (And just so you know, the belief you are doing enough exercise is pretty powerful! Research indicates people who believe they get enough exercise tend to live longer than their peers, even if their activity levels are similar.)

Exercise to be healthy and well, not to be a super-athlete or a supermodel. Many exercise programs on the market were invented for athletes looking to maximize performance or for people only interested in looking better. The problem is they are sold to people who just want to be healthy and well. Exercising WELL is founded on healthy movement functional for life, not sports, and the movements don’t make looking better more important than feeling better. This does not mean you won’t improve performance or look better; it means you will be doing exercises designed for you, the person who wants to enjoy more of life, feeling and functioning better each step of the way. 

Balanced types of exercise. Exercising WELL is your one stop for learning how to  exercise for strength, stamina, and mobility. You learn how to do a balance of these types of exercise that help each other, but do not replace each other, in the ability to feel and function your best as you age. 

Body/Mind science-based. Exercising WELL is a blend of body and brain sciences integrated into a simple seamless method. Click here to see the science behind the Exercising Well Method. 

Mindfulness built right in. Because the Exercising WELL method integrates both mind and body sciences, you not only improve your physical fitness, you improve your mental fitness by building skills for mindfulness. If meditation is on your list of things you ‘should’ be doing for your health and well-being, learn how to turn exercise time into a mindfulness practice. You train your body to be stronger and your mind to be more calm and focused. It’s the best buy-one-get-one sale around! 

Exercise at home or a gym. Knowing the right way to exercise for your body means you can walk into a gym with confidence or exercise at home successfully. With Exercising WELL, the choice is yours. With more options for where you can exercise, you have more ways to keep Exercising WELL when life changes. 

Time efficient. This program is designed to be as time-efficient as possible, with flexibility so it fits your schedule when it changes. You can do this well balanced program in less than two hours a week, with a variety of options for making it work in your life like exercising in several small movement breaks a day, or just three sessions a week.  And because Exercising WELL is science-based, you learn how to spot an exercise that is not worth your time. 

True core. One of the first things you will learn in Exercising WELL is how to use your core the way it was designed. You will learn why planks, sit-ups, and ab machines are not worth your time, and could be making back pain worse. You will learn how simple it is to use your core without time-consuming and straining core exercises.

Exercising WELL includes professional support and guidance.

Developed by a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. I am specifically trained to prescribe exercise for people with a wide variety of medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia and cancer. As a health coach, I am specifically trained to help with motivation for long term health and well-being. The combination means you learn how to exercise in a way that is also designed to be motivating.  Since the world of fitness is vastly under-regulated, anyone can call themselves a fitness expert. Just like you would not trust just anyone with your health care, when you are using exercise as medicine for improving your whole-person health, you need someone with clinical experience to guide you. I am just an email away to guide you each step of the way.

Based on not one, but thousands of stories. Often exercise programs are based on the creator’s success story. As inspiring as these are, you are unique. Exercising WELL is the result of thirty years and thousands of stories that are used to help guide you to find your story. You learn to be your own best guide to what is right for you for exercise and for your health.

Wellness coaching. Whenever you are looking for a more personalized way to be Exercising WELL, I offer telephone or video coaching. More than accountability, encouragement, and support, coaching is the science of building self-motivation. Clients say this regular guidance is what makes all the difference. When you become a member, you have the option to add on a four-session package of coaching. A coaching package is $225 and you can space these out at the intervals that work best for you.

You are not just a number, you are a member.   Your membership starts with an introductory coaching call with me so I know you and your goals. I am available through email for questions and guidance. Coaching packages are always available for when you want even more personalized support and guidance.

If this sounds like an approach you’ve never tried before, you are ready to be Exercising WELL. 

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Still have questions? Click here for answers to the frequently asked questions about Exercising WELL.