What is Kind Inside Yoga?

What is Kind Inside Yoga?

Yoga means ‘union or ‘‘to bring together’.  It is a five thousand year old mind and body practice that includes certain types of movements and meditations.  The mindful movements in yoga are known to improve mobility, reduce pain, improve immune system function, reduce stress,  help with depression and anxiety, and much more. 1

Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. 

Self-kindness is the practice of directing those qualities toward yourself.  Studies show self-kindness improves immune system protection, creativity, calm, and connection,  as well as leads to lasting motivation. 2

Since both kindness and mindful movement are both skills that lead to greater health, wellbeing, and improves the skill of self-motivation, they are an important part of Exercising WELL.

Kind Inside yoga™ applies the principle mindsets and movements of Exercising WELL to the practice of yoga.  Kind Inside Yoga gives you a strong foundation for doing other forms of yoga in a way that feels better in your body while strengthening your skills for listening to and trusting your body through self-kindness.   

When you join the Exercising WELL online program there are three ways to enjoy Kind Inside yoga:

  1. Start Smart with Yoga:  Because the movements in yoga are not familiar to most bodies, starting a yoga practice can often lead to pain, discomfort and injury.   Kind Inside yoga applies the principles of exercise training  through a step by step program to help you learn how to do yoga gradually. You progress at your own pace to the four steps of this program so you feel good from day one and give your body time to build skills of yoga and self-kindness.  
  2. Grow with Kind-inside Yoga:  With the strong foundation you build in Start Smart Yoga, this section provides slightly longer yoga sessions so you gradually build your yoga and self-kindness skills.   
  3. Join my zoom yoga classes:  this section contains recordings of my weekly one hour Kind Inside Yoga classes for you to enjoy any time.  

With this unique mind/body science-based approach to yoga, you not only improve the function of your body, you strengthen your skills for self-kindness. The results are the ability to do yoga in a way that fits your body, a more positive relationship with your body, and more confidence in your ability to be self motivated,  so you can enjoy greater mental and physical health. 

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