What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about exercise? If it’s pain, fatigue, your busy schedule, struggles with motivation, or getting results, it’s time to redefine exercise.
Why? Because your brain is hardwired to make you avoid what leaves you feeling worse, mentally or physically. No amount of time or goal setting will make exercise become a habit until your brain knows it makes you feel good. Exercising WELL helps you build a positive association with exercise, in the way you think about it and do it, building self-motivation along the way.
Here is what it means to be Exercising WELL.


The word exercise literally means ‘to practice’. Physical exercise is when you tell your body and brain what you want to improve and keep so you can feel and function your best every day. That makes exercise something more than burning calories or getting steps.
Exercising WELL starts with getting clear about what you want to be able to do so you can enjoy more of life. Together, we create a plan so you have right balance of strength, stamina, and mobility to do those things with more ease, and thus more enjoyment. person.


Because the body is a ‘use-it-to-keep-it’ system, consistency is the most important part of any exercise program. You could have a perfect exercise program, but only when you are doing it regularly will you get the benefits from it.
What makes Exercising WELL unique is that it’s not just a list of exercises, it’s a method. Every exercise is chosen for how motivating it is for you. Every motivation strategy is based on what works to not just get motivated, but stay motivated. Every aspect of the program is designed to keep you exercising to be well now.


WELL is the state when all the ‘good stuff’ happens: your body heals and repairs, your mind is calm and focused, and you can enjoy life with more ease. You can be well, even when you are not completely healthy. If you are looking to improve your health, it’s important to know that being well is the state when being healthy happens.

Stressed is the opposite of well. It’s that energy-draining state when healing and logic are put on hold while your body prepares to move to fight or flee a threat to your well-being. What happens is that movement is exactly what your body needs to get from stressed to well, yet trying to get enough exercise often just adds to stress!

Exercising WELL takes the stress out of getting enough exercise by stripping away all the misconceptions and ‘shoulds’. Rather than having to put your exercise plans on hold when life gets stressful, you know how to adapt what you do for your available time and energy, so you can use exercise as a way to get out of the stressed state and back to feeling and functioning your best. By knowing the right way to exercise for your body, and using mindfulness to tune in to your body, exercise works, even when your schedule, or your body, or the weather changes.

WELL Habits

The word WELL is capitalized because it is the acronym for a simple method called WELL Habits. This method takes all the best scientific information about exercise and lasting self-motivation and puts it into a four-step process that ensures you have everything you need to make exercise a habit that not only lasts but helps you be well right now.
When you are Exercising WELL, you are confident you know how to move your body in the ways it feels better now, and you can stay motivated every step of the way.
Whether you exercise regularly, plan to start soon, or are not much of an exerciser but know you should exercise, Exercising WELL is the approach that makes exercise enjoyable, sustainable, and time-efficient so it benefits your whole person for your whole life.

Ready to start Exercising WELL?

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