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BWN Bracelets by Exercising Well for Tylers Teammates Woo Sox Foundation

What are Be Well Now Bracelets?

As a gift for someone else or yourself, a Be Well Now wellness bracelet says, ‘I care, I support you, I believe in you!’. Each bracelet has its own unique style and meaning. The natural beauty of gemstones is displayed in a wide range of colors, with a charm that represents the message and a reminder to Be Well Now. Handmade with kindness, 100% of the profits from our bracelets go to Tylers Teammates through the Woo Sox Foundation. 

Tylers Teammates Foundation Be Well Now Bracelets by Exercising Well

The image in the header is The bench dedicated in Tyler’s memory.  Click the button below to earn more about Tyler and the story behind the bracelets.

Be Well Now Meditation

by Janet Huehls | Use your bracelet and this simple meditation as a way to Be Well Now

love bracelet | Exercising well

Love Bracelet

The Love bracelet is a simple pink gemstone beaded bracelet that represents the power of love.  The image on the card is a simple heart cloud.  Giving this bracelet is a simple statement of how much you care not only for the person receiving it but also for kids who will benefit from playing diamond sports through the WooSox Foundation.  


Embrace the Sway Bracelet

Life is change. Sometimes this ‘sway’ of life is a gentle welcome breeze and sometimes it’s a windstorm. Like a tree well-rooted, when you stay centered, you are well even through the inevitable changes of life. The Embrace the Sway Bracelet with its earthy natural colors honors the ability each of us has to come to our center and be well now, even as life changes.


Embrace the Sway Be Well Now Wellness Bracelet
Everpresent Be Well Now Wellness Bracelet

Ever Presence Bracelet

Made of calming blues and neutrals with an antique bronze sun and moon charm, this wellness bracelet asks you to come back to the present moment, feeling all the support and care that is already here. The Ever Presence poem was written to offer a real reminder of all that  is here and now to anyone who is experiencing loss. This bracelet adds a bit of sunshine amid the rainstorms of life to reveal sources of strength and support.


Shine Bracelet

When life gets complicated, we can forget to have fun and do the things we enjoy. We can get so caught up in reaching success that we forget that our best is enough. With its simple Black Onyx beads, this bracelet has a simple message: smile, have fun, do your best, and shine! The Shine Bracelet is your reminder to Be Well Now, starting with a smile.  


Be Well Now Wellness Bracelets Shine
Be Kind Inside Be Well Now Wellness Bracelets

Be Kind Inside Bracelet

We know how to be kind to others, but we can easily forget to offer the same kindness to ourselves. When we do, we start a chain reaction of healing and renewal in our whole person and the kindness more naturally flows outward to others. The Be Kind Inside Bracelet, made with the gemstone Mookaite, with its cheerful yellow, red, and orange beads, is a constant reminder to turn your kindness inward as well as sharing it with others.


Learn how to Be Well Now 

My FREE Start Well online course gives you a stronger foundation for whole-person health in three simple steps.  With the skill of knowing how to Be Well Now in your whole person, you can move froward into any moment of your life with greater calm, clarity and confidence.