The holidays can certainly wind us up, can’t they? More treats, less exercise. More to do, less time to do it. More things put off until after the end of the year, which is full of excitement, entertainment, and emotion. When it is over, we can be raring to go like one of those wind-up toys. We experience a surge of motivation to “get back on track.”

But, like those wind-up toys, that big burst of motivation does not last.  Why? Because its “fuel source” is not lasting.  Let’s put that energy to better use this year.

Nothing drains motivation faster than not seeing ‘results.’ In the vastly unregulated fitness industry, it takes a very savvy consumer to weed through the myth-based marketing and create a plan that will be sustainable. So one important source of lasting motivation is to be sure you base what you are doing on facts, not myths.

I don’t want you to waste energy on those sneaky myth-based approaches to fitness in 2018.  Let’s be Fueled by Facts! Stay tuned to these blogs to stay in the know about the facts about exercising well for your whole-person.