Turning exercise information into motivation, part 3-6.pngOver the past eight weeks, we’ve been sorting through the information about exercise that is meant to motivate, but in the end, drains motivation. We are led to believe you:

  • Need someone to motivate you
  • Should exercise
  • Can get quick and amazing results
  • Need lots of accountability
  • Need to suffer to get results
  • Are good if you exercise and bad if you don’t
  • Can find the answers you need on the internet
  • Just need to burn more calories

These beliefs are part of the reason there’s a drought of motivation for exercise. They are so imbedded in our culture and our exercise mindset, it’s hard to believe that not struggling would actually work. We equate exercise with struggling so strongly that an easier way sounds like a cop-out. Yet, the struggle isn’t increasing our exercise motivation and there is another way.

For the past thirty years, I have been asking the question “why is it so difficult to stay motivated for exercise?” I have poured over the science of how the brain and the body work separately. I have shared it with those who struggle with their exercise motivation and watched them use it to find the way out of the struggle. It takes unlearning what does not work and learning skills for being your own best source for lasting motivation, but the great news is, it’s easier than you may think.