Creating Healthy Habits

I started this video series called The Weekly Well because every day I talk to patients and clients who are stuck when building healthy habits because they are overwhelmed with too much information!

Science has taught us too much about what leads to (and away from) long-term motivation to let anyone be in this state. I wanted to share information in a way that aligns with the way our whole person is designed (your physiology).

You can get everything you need to be healthy for free online- Exercises, healthy recipes, meditations. But we still struggle to make it a habit.

More information does not mean more motivation

it just means more ‘should’s’!

Most of our health messaging explains the problem and then gives you a list of what you should do to prevent or treat it. This approach can work but only short term. That’s because it’s a brain-based approach.  You can easily end up with a long list of health tasks cluttering your mental to-do list.

Did you know that actually takes you away from being healthy?

It keeps your physiology in a subtle underlying state of stress. That is the state you are least likely to make something a habit.

We don’t need more brain-based approaches to being healthy. Habits and health are a whole person process. Your brain, body, emotions, and spirit are all designed to work together for you to thrive. When parts are left out habits dont stick.

The Weekly whole person health wellness cycle

This aligns with the scientific research on lasting healthy habit change. It happens in stages. Each stage is important because ensures you are incorporating the four parts of your whole person.

Whole-person health habits

I put together the WELL Habits system based on both this brain science and the physiology of whole-person health.
It gives you an easy-to-use four-step system that is specifically designed for lasting healthy habits.

The weekly habit cycle from the Weekly Well

It’s a system because habits are a cycle. Goals are linear. Get from point a to point b. But there is nothing in goal setting that sets you up for lasting change. The Well-habits system turns health goals into habits.

This is why I started The Weekly Well free video series. Its the science-based way to turn information into motivation.

We choose one topic a month and take one step of the Well Habits system each week. I give you information and show you how to personalize it. In between steps, you get to time to integrate it into your own well-being, so its more likely to turn into a habit.

Join me for The Weekly Well – The science-based, personalized way to take the overwhelm out of health information, and use it in a way that aligns with your design to thrive.

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