Tyler and my daughter

Kindness grows from the deepest compassion. Be Well Now bracelets were born of friendship and strengthened by the power of a loving community. Each bracelet is handmade in loving memory of Tyler Trudell.

Tyler had an infectious smile, adorable dimples, and big beautiful blue eyes. He would light up any room he was in and spread love and laughter wherever he went. He always had the gift of making people laugh.

Tyler was happiest when he was playing baseball, basketball, and football with all his friends. He was a pitcher and played shortstop for the Paxton Little League team and was selected to play for the Worcester All-Stars. He was also chosen to play for the Worcester Strike Zone AAU. He excelled in school and was a straight-A student. He strived to do well in everything he did.

When Tyler passed, I gave one of my own beaded bracelets to Tyler’s mom. All I could offer was friendship, presence and this simple reminder to breathe.  A few days later, the Ever Presence poem flowed from my mind and heart and onto paper. The poem is represented in the sun charm and calming blues and neutrals of the Ever Presence bracelet. 

Lynn and I decided to share this message as a way to honor Tyler and raise funds for a memorial bench to be placed in his favorite hometown place. The support and generosity were overwhelming and the ‘beading together’ has become a time of continuing support and care. Through the generous support of Ten West specialty shop in selling the bracelets, we have raised more than enough for the bench and now the proceeds go to a scholarship fund we are creating in Tyler’s memory.

When you see and touch your Be Well Now bracelet, let it lead your attention back to your breath, anchoring you in the present moment, and feeling the love and support that surround you always. Thank you for being part of Tyler’s Team!