EW LOGO long qualityThe Exercising WELL™ Coaching Membership Program combines the power of coaching with the convenience of online learning and exercise programs. No more signing up for programs that just fizzle out once the excitement of starting a new program wears off.

Strengthen your exercise motivation

  • Build confidence you can make exercise a habit by applying the science that is rarely used in popular exercise programs with a simple four-step method called WELL Habits
  • Apply the power of mindfulness to make exercise time more effective, more health-enhancing, and more motivating.
  • Learn how to use the science-based yet simple two-factor Exercise Motivation Equation to take charge of your motivation stay out of the all-or-nothing approach to exercise

Strengthen your exercise know-how

  • Learn how to listen to your body so you know the right way to exercise for the body you are in right now.
  • Finally have a truly strong core by using it in the way it was designed to function best (without doing sit-ups or planks!).
  • Discover how to move with less strain and greater efficiency and ease in everyday activities.
  • Design exercise to recharge your body and mind so you have more energy for what is most important to you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: You start with a kick-off coaching call with me, so I can get to know you and what you want from exercise. Together, we build your first WELL Habit ™ so you have a starting point that is motivating and just right for you. (Click here to read more about how to get the most from coaching.)
  • Step 2:  In your Exercising WELL online toolbox, you start with the Strong Foundations course to learn the mindsets and movements of the Exercising WELL method.  Here you will build both a foundation of strength in your body and your skills for self-motivation in a way that is built to last. With this information and through our coaching, you choose what you want to work on next: strength, stamina, or mobility. 
  • Step 3:  Each week, I send you a personalized email and together we keep you on track, building your exercise and self-motivation skills.  Each week, you strengthen your mind/body confidence that you know how to exercise in the way that is right for your body and your life right now. Throughout the program I am just an email away to work through challenges and celebrate successes.  

After three months of coaching, you have the option to stay part of the Exercising WELL community, with full access to the online courses, without weekly coaching, for $15/month.  

Join now for $45 per month!

Get your individualized, science-based, simple approach to exercise that fits your body and your life now!  Your membership includes:

  • Kick-off coaching call with Janet.
    • Start with personalized motivation for your most personalized exercise plan.
  • Weekly personal email coaching with Janet.
    • Support that is just an email away.
  • Unlimited access to all courses on the Exercising WELL website.
    • A balanced approach that builds strength, stamina, and mobility.
    • Stay clear of myth-based exercises by understanding what actually happens in your body when you exercise.
    • Simple exercises for the body you’re in right now.
    • Plenty of modifications to help you work around limitations in your body.
    • A time-efficient approach, so getting enough exercise takes less than 2% of your total time per week.
    • Downloadable handouts and forms to create your own Exercising WELL workbook.
    • Unlimited access to all current and future courses on the Exercising WELL site.
  • Community support through discussions in the online program and a weekly community inspirations email.
  • The option after three months to retain access to the online courses without weekly coaching for $15 per month.

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