Do you struggle with getting enough exercise? Try Exercising WELL™!

We all know exercise is good for us, but like most people you may struggle with finding time, maintaining motivation, or feeling like your body gets in the way. Maybe you do well with one type of exercise, like cardio, but want to stay strong and flexible too.   

Exercising WELL™ is not just an exercise program, it is a method for finally being confident you know what to do, how to do it, and how much is enough to get what you really want from exercise.

How does it do all that? It starts with a foundation of three integrated sciences,  exercise science + motivation science + coaching science, because no amount of exercise science will work without the motivation to do it regularly. Since you don’t have the time to sort through all that science, Exercising WELL™ seamlessly integrates it into weekly coaching and convenient web-based exercise instruction. 

When you are exercising well you can confidently say,   

  • My Why for exercising is clear and consistently motivating. 
  • I know what to do for exercise to get what I really want from it.
  • I know how to exercise the right way for my body.
  • I consistently do a balance of strength training, cardio, and mobility exercises. 
  • I trust my body as my best guide to know how much is enough exercise each time.
  • I can adapt what I do for exercise when my body changes. 
  • I have enough time for exercise because I know how to adapt what I do when the demands on my time change.  
  • I can keep myself motivated to exercise regularly.
  • What I do for exercise now is enough to feel and function my best in the future.  
  • Exercise is one of my most valuable resources for feeling and functioning my best each day.

The Exercising WELL™ combines the power of coaching with the convenience of online learning and exercise programs. No more signing up for programs that just fizzle out once the excitement of starting a new program wears off.

There are two ways to start Exercising WELL™.  Each give you 

  • Weekly coaching – to personalize the information and know how to stay motivated
  • Exercises videos – make it easy to learn the right way to exercise
  • Step-by-step guides – to keep you moving without doing too much too soon
  • Motivating information – just enough science so what you are doing make sense
  • Downloadable tools – pictures of exercises, audios, and worksheets

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