Your Last Exercise Restart

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I hope you enjoyed your weekend with all kinds of great summer-time activities. Most of all, I hope you used your dread-free pass to silence that little voice reminding you that you have to buckle down and get back on track with exercise.

Over the past weeks, I created a quick-start version of Exercising WELL that is for you if you:

  • Struggle with getting and staying motivated to exercise
  • Dread starting because of the soreness until your body gets used to it
  • Wish there was a shortcut to making exercise a habit that actually sticks
  • Want someone to just tell you what to do and show you how to stay motivated
  • Know exercise makes you feel better, but can’t seem to get yourself there regularly

If all this sounds familiar, you are ready for Your Last Exercise Restart.

Together, we will take one month to:

  • learn how to start right so you never stop exercising
  • exercise in a way that keeps you motivated and feeling better
  • create a regular, well balanced exercise program
  • have more energy, strength, and freedom to move well
  • be confident you can stick with it

Sound too good to be true? This program is different from anything you ever tried before because it includes:

  • Telephone coaching with me each week for a month so your exercise plan is personalized and you have someone who can help you work through the challenges of exercising regularly.
  • Exercises that teach your body the essentials for moving the way it was meant to move. Most programs skip over this step so you feel like you are getting ‘quicker results’ but those programs only leave you feeling worse and less motivated in the end.
  • Step-by-step guidance to keep you away from the #1 exercise motivation trap—doing too much too soon.
  • A complete exercise program with a balance of strength, cardio, and mobility exercises. This program is 100% free of crunches, sit-ups, planks, burpees, HIIT training, and other types of exercise that don’t feel good for your body. You will learn how to have truly functional core control, do cardio in a way that is instantly motivating, and exercises that calm, rather than raise, your fear of falling or injury.

Why am I so sure this will be your last restart? 

Because you will have science on your side this time and not just one science but the powerful combination of three sciences: Exercise science  +  Motivation Science  +  Coaching Science.

You won’t get bogged down with the science though—you’ll just get the simple facts of what to do, arranged in five easy-to-complete segments a week, for four weeks, reinforced in a weekly coaching call with me.

Ready to take one month to learn how to Exercise WELL and make this Your Last Exercise Restart?  Click here to find out more and enroll now.

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P.S. Enrollment closes in October and won’t open again until January. Click here to begin Your Last Exercise Restart. 

Win Through the Power of Positivity

It’s pay-it-forward week at Exercising WELL and we are running a Win/Win Special.  From now until April 22nd, 2019, when you donate $45 to the Enjoy Life Education scholarship fund, you get your first month of the Exercising WELL Coaching Program FREE.  

Research shows positivity broadens your perspective, so you notice more opportunities, and helps you build long term resiliency1. When you take advantage of the Win/Win special, you help a teen build positive self-worth and inner confidence through the Enjoy Life Leadership Academy and strengthen your own positive approach to self-care while growing your inner confidence  that you know how to be Exercising WELL.

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Enjoy Life Leadership Academy

From the moment you walk into the Leadership Academy, you are overwhelmed by the energy of positivity—it’s contagious! Every moment is filled with this positive perspective and support for each other.  Check out this brief video to see for yourself. This is not a Pollyanna-type positivity, where talking about negative experiences is taboo. This is the place where life’s challenging experiences are embraced head-on, through activities like group challenges and leaders sharing their stories of resiliency. Life’s challenges are transformed through positivity and help students build resiliency through positive qualities like curiosity, creativity, and empathy.

Exercising WELL Coaching Program

Because our brain is designed to keep us safe by looking for problems, it’s easy to get stuck in the muck of life and stray from your best intentions to exercise regularly. This is normal but not helpful when it comes to building habits for well-being. Health coaching uses research from positive psychology to guide you to get yourself unstuck and avoid the swamp of self-doubt and frustration of life getting in the way. As your coach, I help you sort through your experiences with exercise each week in a way that you lets you use life’s challenges as a tool for learning how to exercise through the ups and downs of life. Research on habits shows that when something is a positive experience, it becomes a lasting habit. Making exercise a positive experience requires both an understanding of brain science and exercise science. This powerful combination is what makes Exercising WELL unique.

  1. Research from The Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania

The main drain on motivation, part 2

Last blog, we highlighted how draining it is on motivation to dive into an exercise program, only to be sharply reminded of how far we have to go. The body reminds us quickly that, just like everything else in nature, it needs time to grow and get stronger.  When we give our body the right amount of what it needs, especially in the beginning of building strength, just like a seedling we get what we want in the end.

growing plantThe second motivation drain from diving in is found in the old saying “look before you leap.”   Exercise training is specific—you get what you train for.  Since your body adapts to what you give it, the first step to starting an exercise program is to know what you want from it.  If you don’t want to be an athlete, there is no need to train like one.  If you just want to feel better, discover how to exercise to feel better now.  Fitness marketing can having you chasing the dream of having six-pack abs, when what you really want is just to feel better and be stronger to enjoy life!

When we dive in to exercise, we miss the chance to tap into our natural source of motivation—what is important to us about doing it. This is what gives us the energy to keep going. It needs to be deeper than just a number on the scale or having “fab abs; it needs to be about what it means to you because any time we are doing something important to us, motivation and energy are there naturally.

However, just as a seedling needs time to grow roots to sustain it, getting to the root of your “why” takes a bit of time and attention. When you are guided by clarity about what you really want, you give yourself the best chance of getting it and sustaining it.

Uprooting And Power ConceptIsn’t it great to know there is no need to suffer through the beginning of an exercise program, hoping you will stay motivated long enough to “get results?” Make this time different. Grow roots that will sustain your motivation naturally, no pain and suffering required.  It all starts with Step 1 of Simply Strong, my new online course.

Enroll now to get the pre-release rate of $40 (a 20% savings on the regular price of $50) and you will gain automatic and unlimited access when it is released on November 3, 2017.

Be Awesome, See Awesome!

“Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?” A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.” Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

“You are already awesome, just get out of your own way!” TED talk by Judson Brewer

standing on mountain.jpgBe awesome: YOU are already awesome. Simply by being, you are already awesome. Our doing often gets in the way of being awesome. When we get so caught up in our own productivity, accomplishments, and goals, we forget we are already awesome.

Take a moment to stand in stillness, strong and sturdy like a tree or a mountain. Savor that glimpse of this awesomeness. There is nothing to do, no more we need to acquire. Like the trees and mountains, we already contain all that we need to be who we are. This stillness and being is the starting point of inspiration to dream, motivation to reach goals, and resiliency to learn from mistakes while moving forward with confidence. We get out of our own way. “Being” is no easy task in today’s world. It takes practice to shift our mindset toward having and being enough.

See Awesome: When we are caught in needing our own accomplishments to be awesome, we can get a bit competitive – as if someone else might get our awesomeness first. Yet, since you are the ONLY version of YOU on this planet, there is no need to fear the success of others. See the awesomeness in others, especially those who hide it well. Search for it – it is there. This helps us from getting in our own way as well.

Believe me, I am all for setting goals, for being the best we can be. What I have learned from myself and from working in a “self-improvement” field is that when we start from this place of wholeness, our goals are on solid ground.

Let’s remind each other, okay?! When the inner critic pops up, when we hear others putting themselves or others down in some way, let’s respond by seeing awesome and speaking it.

May You Be Well,


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