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Does this sound familiar?  You know exercise is good for you, but you struggle to be successful at it. You see that some people are successful at it, though, so why is it so easy for them? In this series I am going to share with you four science-based solutions to your struggles with exercise.

But first, let’s talk about why the common approaches to exercise make it harder to be successful.

Does success with exercise mean you

  • reached your goal weight?
  • see results (e.g., muscle definition)?
  • completed a 5K?

Any one of these would certainly would be considered success in our culture.

But here is the twist: brain and body science tells us this way of thinking actually makes it harder to be successful over time.

Exercise scientists, through thousands of studies, have discovered the ways to exercise to improve fitness and health in a lasting way. Neuroscientists have discovered how the brain changes when something becomes a habit. Yet these have nothing to do with how long you can plank or how many calories you burn or if you can run a 5K.

In fact, what scientists know about lasting exercise success is missing in the most popular exercise programs. To make it worse, common ways to motivate for exercise, such as fitness challenges, or goal setting, can actually sabotage the creation of habits in the brain.

Clearly, our ways of thinking about exercise have steered us away from what scientists have discovered works for exercise success. For real exercise success, we must blend what we know works for the body with what we know works for the brain with what is most important to you.

In the next sessions, we will do just that. You will learn what science tells us works, how to spot the ways we stray from this, and rethink your way to your own version of exercise success.

Until then, take a moment to ask yourself, what does exercise success mean to me?



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Why be Fueled by Facts?

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Why invest even five minutes a day to get the facts? Isn’t fitness petty straightforward? You know what to do, you just need to find the time or the motivation to do it. Well, what I have learned over the past thirty years of talking to people about exercise is, it’s often not a lack of time or motivation that gets in the way. What gets in the way are the myths that have become infused into our ideas about how to exercise and what it means to be fit. Once those myths are cleared away, uncovering how doable and life enhancing fitness can truly be, exercise becomes a resource for enjoying more of life every day.

If you enjoy reading blogs or listening to podcasts, you will love the format of this online course. The information is condensed, because I am pretty sure you don’t want to waste a lot of time listening to “filler” information. Each video session of the 30-day course takes less than five minutes and can be viewed on any device.

Because I know how easy it is to lose track of courses and programs you sign up for, we have made this easy to complete. Each day for the month of February, you will receive an email with the link for the topic of the day. Simply click the link wherever you read email and you are taken right to the video.

A new session of Fueled by Facts, my FREE online course starts February 1, 2018.

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Why definitions matter

Day #2 of Fueled by Facts, your 30-day fitness myths cleanse poses this simple question:  How do you define fitness?

Is your fitness level defined by your ability to:

  • take 10,000 steps a day?
  • run a mile in 5 minutes?
  • touch your toes?
  • look a certain way?
  • bench press a certain weight?

That depends on your goal. If you want to win a body-building or a steps competition, or place first in a 5K or a weight-lifting competition, then yes, your fitness would be defined by the competition.

If you want to be healthy and well, here is your Whole-person definition of fitness:


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Fact and Fiction

pexels-photo-256546Losing yourself in an exciting fiction novel or movie for a few hours can be a great escape from life. But fiction in fitness is not so rejuvenating. In fact, it drains time, energy, and motivation, leaving many people missing out on fitness as a resource for enjoying more of life.

There’s only one week left to start your year off with a 30-day fitness myths cleanse. Learn the science behind fitness trackers, core exercises, heart rate, and calorie burning. You will come away with an approach to fitness that’s free of fiction and full of ways to make it more sustainably motivating.

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