Shine Bracelet

Made of Black Onyx, this bracelet has a simple message: shine! It is a reminder to have fun, enjoy life, and know that your best is enough. The spacer is engraved with a bright golden sun on one side and the number 2 on the other because Tyler’s jersey was always number 2. His message is to always be strong and confident.  

Be Well Now Bracelets Shine


Size Guide

Use a string to help determine the size right for you.  Sizes listed are the diameter of the bracelet, not the wrist size. Wrap the string around your wrist with the amount you want the bracelet to ‘dangle’ and choose the size closest to that length using the list below.

  • Small   7 in
  • Med    7.5 in.
  • Large  8 in
  • XL 8.25 in