Online Programs

Each program in Exercising WELL is carefully designed to take you step-by-step through building and keeping your habits for a well-balanced, sustainable exercise program.  Conveniently located right on your client platform, they are there for you to learn a whole-new way of approaching exercise, keeping you out of overwhelm or boredom, simply Exercising WELL so you can Be WELL Now.

The Start WELL Programs are take you step by step through making each type of exercise a habit that you enjoy and restores wellbeing now.  With that strong foundation, you can move on to learning more exercises or simply enjoy follow along videos for strength training, stretching, balance and yoga.

The programs are always growing and can be personalized for the way you like to learn and access information.  As a member, your regular coaching sessions help us to create a plan and decide how the programs will best support you without getting overwhelmed by having too many exercises.

Foundations of Exercising WELL

The foundational movements and principles of Exercising WELL that transform exercise into a way to be well now.  Use these programs to get started, restart after a time off or just refresh your memory when your movements or your motivation is not working well.


Mobility means freedom of movement.  Here is where you build your WELL Habit for doing regular stretching and balance exercises and grow the ability to use them to restore wellbeing and feel more comfortable and confident in your whole-person.



Strength is the ability to move your body and objects against gravity.  Here you build a WELL Habit for Strength Training exercises that are functional and leave you feeling better and more confident in daily movements.  You continue to build your plan using the simple Functional Strength Template and enjoy exercising together using one of the Well-out (AKA Workout) videos.

.     .     


Stamina is the ability to move for longer periods of time without getting tired and needing to stop.  The Start WELL program is where you build a WELL Habit for doing cardiovascular exercise in the way that is motivating and sustainable.  Then you continue to learn how to get the most from the time you do cardio to improve health and wellbeing.

.      .     


Kind Inside Yoga

Learn and practice yoga in a whole-person sustainable way.  Kind Inside yoga is mindful self-compassion in yoga practices. Start WELL is where you learn step by step the basic poses building muscle memory for each one. Then with that muscle memory you learn to deepen the poses in shorter practices.  Be WELL is where you practice with me sessions from 15-60 minutes long.