waitIt’s the new year! Time to get started on those goals and resolutions.

Before jumping in, consider this:

Research on behavior change shows that jumping into action too soon greatly reduces the chances of succeeding.  Preparation is a critical part of success in reaching goals.

If you announce to your friends as of today I am officially preparing to start an exercise program!, how would they react? Probably more puzzled looks than high-fives.  Preparing? Call us when you actually start.

Announce you joined the toughest exercise class in town, now THAT would get you some serious praise.  Wow, you’re so motivated! You’re so good!

Preparing is just not valued when it comes to healthy changes. Jumping in full force is.

Let’s face it – preparing is so, well, boring.

We forget that preparing IS starting.  When we are preparing we are not just going to or trying to. Those statements may or may not lead to starting. Preparing is the first action step of starting. Spending enough time there deserves more merit.

Again we find ourselves caught between what the research says works and what our culture encourages.

With goals for health and fitness, we are really good at jumping in, being super motivated, being “good” – until the motivation seems to run out.

This year, let’s give ourselves the best chance for success. In the next few weeks, we will be doing some really useful preparation steps that activate true success with well-being goals.

In the meantime, take the energy you were going to put into jumping in and work with the Activate It steps from the last blog. 

If you would like something else to do, try this New Years meditation from the Mindfulness Summit. It will tie in nicely with next week’s steps for activating lasting motivation.

Wishing you a joy-filled 2016!

May You Be Well,


Janet Huehls, MA, RCEP, CHWC