Help-and-support-signpost-bannerJust for fun, let’s say that you won a million dollars. Whoo whoo! Your head might start spinning with all the things you want to do with this extra cash. People around you might start giving all kinds of advice. You might just go wild and start spending it on all kinds of things. You quickly notice, however, this money is dwindling way too easily.  So, you hire a financial adviser to listen to your ideas of what you want to do with it. In the end, you get more enjoyment and mileage out of that cash with the right planning, guidance, and advice.

It can be like this when we are motivated to reach a goal. That energy is so great – “I am done with feeling tired and worrying about my health. I’m going to get in shape and lose weight for good this time.”

Like the million dollars, the energy can dwindle easily when life starts getting in the way or results are not quick enough.  With guidance, advice and support, the energy from your motivation is harnessed and channeled so it lasts much, much longer.

How do I know? I have seen this with clients and patients. Personally, I’ve experienced this through working with a business coach myself.

The energy of starting a business was great. I loved all the excitement from ideas and potential opportunities. After many “learning experiences” draining my energy, I realized I needed help with channeling my passion if I was going to get anywhere.

Enter Melissa Corcoran.  She listened to my ideas, which helped me clarify what I really wanted.  She insisted I do a mission statement and business plan. Now, I had many incomplete business plans under my belt; Melissa made sure I completed this one! This tedious process has paid off many times over by giving me a really clear and concise understanding of my true goals, strengths, and potential challenges.  She reminds me of my mission when my energy takes me all over the place.

I know without a doubt that this external support has propelled my passion forward.  It has kept me on track at times I would have been derailed and wanted to give up. Instead of being drained by challenges, I am energized by them. This process has been much more fun and enriching than ever before. My energy and motivation has not only been sustained, but grown.

Like a winning a million dollars, discovering your true goals for well-being  is wonderfully energizing. The key to using that energy is harnessing and channeling it – spending it well. The guidance and support of someone with knowledge and skills is a sound way to invest that energy so motivation grows and grows.

Activate It:

Harness the energy from your motivation to improve your well-being by seeking support from a knowledgeable and skilled professional. Listen to your intuition and find someone who listens to you and helps you reach your goals in a positive and supportive way.

May You Be Well,


Janet Huehls, MA, RCEP, CHWC

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Health and Wellness Coach

Yoga and Meditation Teacher