If you are noticing how often you are in alarm mode this week – don’t be alarmed. Alarm mode can show up so darn easily in our daily life. However, just noticing is a moment of mindfulness, so congratulations!

Mindfulness is noticing with a welcoming, accepting, non-judgmental approach. As if a friend came to your door in a bad mood.  You would welcome her. You might say “come in, sit, have some tea.  Its o.k.”  Mindfulness is being that same way with whatever is happening inside.

Acceptance is not saying – well I am feeling this way so I will just settle in and make a permanent home here. Rather, it lets us become more familiar with this state. Only when we know what this mode really feels like can we then make a choice to move out of it in a healthy way. When alarm mode is there, it sometimes helps to start by saying to it “thank you for trying to keep me safe”.  This is the first step that we continue to come back to in this lifelong practice, so be gentle with yourself.

This poem creates an image that helps me welcome it all and stay mindful.

Create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently, until the song that is your life falls into your own cupped hands and you recognize it and greet it.   Clearing by Martha Postlewaite