Foundations Membership



Free Foundations Membership to Exercising Well

  • Unlimited access to the Foundations program where you use the Be Well Now Method to
    • Restore your body’s ability to move as you are designed
      • trust your natural alignment rather than trying to have ‘good’ posture
      • take a naturally deep and calming breath with ease
      • have a strong core that functions well without sit-ups and planks!
      • lift, climb, stretch with greater ease
    • Restore your brain’s ability to get and keep you motivated
      • use the science-based Well Habits system to create lasting habits
      • improve mindfulness skills
      • have greater self-compassion without struggle
      • change your mindset about exercise from a chore to a way to restore your whole person every day
  • FREE initial coaching call with Janet
    • Create your plan for starting well so you stay well

Start Well Membership

Start Well is where you strengthen your foundation of moving well and self-motivating.

It starts with learning how to move well and develop the mindsets that lead to lasting motivation.  By the end of the first month, you will have the framework of well-habits for mobility, strength, and stamina.  Using the Well-habits system you strengthen your confidence you are doing enough and will stay motivated, even when life starts to get in the way.

The programs are science-based, but the process is personalized. Each step of the way you have a professional guide and an online resource you can count on.  Together each week in a video coaching call,  we review your past week and use it to map out a plan for the week ahead. That plan is clearly outlined in the online platform and app so its easy to follow and learn from. Plus, I am just a message away if you have questions between sessions.

Refresh your Zest by restoring confidence in your whole person.


The Start Well Coaching Package includes:

  • Weekly coaching sessions on Zoom
  • Unlimited access to the Exercising Well online platform and app
    • A personalized online plan page each week based on our coaching call
    • Exercise education and instructional videos, handouts, and audios
    • Easy-to-use online programs
      • Foundations
      • Mobility (includes yoga)
      • Strength
      • Stamina
    • Food, mood, and exercise tracking
  • Instant messaging with Janet between sessions

$145/month for 15 min sessions

$275 /month for 30 min sessions

Stay Well Membership

Build on Your Strong Foundation

Once you are ready, switch to the Stay Well membership level

  • One brief (10-15 minute) telehealth coaching session per month
  • Your Exercising Well Online Personalized Platform (available on desktop and through the app)
  • Unlimited access to the Exercising Well online programs
  • Food, mood, and exercise tracking
  • Instant messaging with Janet between sessions

*Available for Exercising Well members who have completed at least one month of Start Well.



Features of Exercising Well

Regular Coaching

Tele-health style coaching sessions keep you confident you are doing what is right for you, and build self-motivation, even when life or your body changes. 

Step-by-step online programs

These step-by-step programs take you through using the Well-Habit Stystem for creating a sustainable habit for each of the three types of exercise; mobility, strength and stamina


Tracking on app

The exercising well online platform includes tracking in a way that supports your whole-person habits. It’s user-friendly and available on any device so its easier to stay mindful.

Personalized programs

Keeping it simple is the way to keep habits sustainable!  This section of the app is where we create your focus area, so it’s easier to stay on track.

Private messaging

Message Janet right on the HIPAA secure platform any time you have a question, a challenge or want to share a success.  

Whole-person benefits

Exercising Well incorporates skills like mindfulness and self-compassion so while you are becoming physically stronger, your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing are too


Exercise video library

The Stay Well exercise programs give you a growing library of follow-along exercise videos, audios, and handouts for mobility, strength, and stamina.  


Community chat

A secure place to connect with other Exercising Well members.  Share your successes, ideas and challenges for an extra layer of support. 

Not sure Exercising Well is right for you?

When your body or your motivation is a barrier, choosing the right program is even more important!  Click the button below to schedule a time to chat about what you want and need right now and see if Exercising Well is right for you.