Membership levels


What You Get

Regular Coaching

Tele-health style coaching sessions keep you confident you are doing what is right for you, and build self-motivation, even when life or your body changes. 

Be Well Now program

Build the foundational skills often skipped over when creating health habits.  This simple program shows you how to move well and self-motivate well.


Tracking on app

The exercising well online platform includes tracking in a way that supports your whole-person habits. It’s user-friendly and available on any device so its easier to stay mindful.

Personalized programs

Keeping it simple is the way to keep habits sustainable!  This section of the app is where we create your focus area, so it’s easier to stay on track.

Private messaging

Message Janet right on the HIPAA secure platform any time you have a question, a challenge or want to share a success.  

Start Well Exercise Programs

These step-by-step programs take you through using the WELL Habits tool for creating a sustainable habit for each of the three types of exercise; mobility, strength and stamina


Exercise video library

The Stay Well exercise programs give you a growing library of follow-along exercise videos, audios, and handouts for mobility, strength, and stamina.  


Community chat

A secure place to connect with other Exercising Well members.  Share your successes, ideas and challenges for an extra layer of support.