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As an Exercising Well member you have your own personalized, secure online app where you can message me directly, schedule a coaching session, track your exercise, food and mood, view session notes and documents and so much more!

Exercising Well Programs

Exercising Well programs are organized by what you want to do. Start Well programs are for when you are starting or restarting exercise or a certain type. Grow Well, when you want to progress a certain type of exercise. Stay Well when you want to exercise with follow along well-out videos and audios.

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Build your strong foundation for lasting habits for each type of exercise. 

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Well-outs (AKA workouts) for mobility, strength and stamina.

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Kind Inside Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to build mobility and practice mindfulness. However, the movements are not something our body is used to doing, so getting started can be anything but relaxing!  Kind Inside Yoga is an approach to yoga based on movement science and mindful self-compassion to allow your whole-person to devlop a yoga practice that feels good from day one.  

Start Well with Kind Inside Yoga

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Start here when you are just beginning or restarting a yoga practice. I will take you step-by-step through building the muscle memory needed specifically for yoga in an easy to follow online program.

Grow Well with Kind Inside Yoga

Coming Soon!  When you want to learn how to go a bit deeper into a pose, use this section to practice new levels or new poses in a gradual, realistic, and progressive way that is kind for your body.