What is Kind Inside Yoga? 

Kindness is defined as the quality of being warm, patient, respectful, and present.1  Self-kindness is the practice of directing those qualities toward yourself. Studies show self-kindness improves immune system protection, creativity, calm, and connection, as well as leading to lasting motivation and habit change.2 Being “kind inside” builds the skills of self-kindness and compassion, so giving it to others comes more naturally.  

Yoga means ‘‘to bring together”. Yoga is a mind and body practice that includes certain types of movements and meditations. There are many types of yoga. Mindful yoga is something anybody can do because the goal is not to achieve a certain position but to move with presence. 

Yoga is known to improve mobility, reduce pain, improve immune system function, reduce stress, help with depression and anxiety, and much more.3 The challenge is that our body does not perform the movements of yoga very often (or ever) and our mind is pulled in many different directions in daily life, so moving with presence does not come naturally. For most people, it is not easy to start doing yoga in a traditional yoga class. The truth is you don’t need to be flexible or good at mindfulness to do yoga. With a step-by-step approach, you can gradually give your body and mind time to practice the essential skills.  

Since both kindness and mindful movement are skills that lead to greater health, well-being, and self-motivation, they are important parts of Exercising WELL.  

Kind Inside Yoga™ by Exercising WELL combines the current information from movement and motivation sciences with traditional yoga practice. Whether you are new to yoga or have many years of experience, you will come away with a deeper understanding about your body, skills for being more present and kind to yourself, and self-motivation to make yoga a WELL Habit.  

Two ways to enjoy Kind Inside yoga

As an Exercising WELL member, along with all the other benefits you now get: 

As an Exercising Well Member, you have unlimited access to yoga instructional videos and audios

Start Well Mobility takes you step by step through preparing your body and mind for doing yoga.  The movements and poses in yoga are not something our body is used to doing.  Start Well Mobility shows you how to build a strong foundation of flexibility and balance in your body and the skill of mindful self-compassion.  This prepares your whole person for starting yoga in a way that is enjoyable and more beneficial than jumping into a one-hour class for the first time.  You gradually build the skills for doing basic yoga poses and then start with shorter sessions and then move on to one-hour sessions when you are ready.  

Make it a Well-habit using the WELL Habit system for knowing what to do, how much is enough, and where to fit a regular yoga practice into your schedule in a way that is most likely to stick.

Zoom Yoga Sessions are offered on Wednesdays at 7:15 pm EST and Saturdays at 8:00 am EST These sessions are included in your Exercising Well Membership or you can ‘walk-in’ and pay as you go.  For more information email me at Janet@exercisingwell.com.

With this unique mind/body science-based approach to yoga, you learn how to do yoga in a way that fits your body, develop a more positive relationship with your body, and build your skill of self-kindness, all of which motivates you to continue making yoga one of the ways you can be well now.  Plus, because your membership includes regular coaching sessions, you can also be confident you will stay motivated to continue your yoga practice at the times you need it most!  


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