When I set out on the Happy Summer Project in my last blog two months ago I was so motivated to continue a weekly blog through summer. Together we would explore different tools from positive psychology each week. We would be strengthening our “happiness muscle” as a tool for enhancing the well-being of our mind and body.

Alas… I worked on my next blog all summer long! Each week I planned on finishing and posting it.  I strove to balance that with presence – enjoying time with family and friends, savoring the beauty of summer.  And walla, here it is the last week of summer!

I was reminded of two great lessons:

#1 Simple intentions set from the heart, kept alive in the mind, are quite powerful.  Writing the perpetual blog draft served as a continual reminder of my intention to focus on happiness.  It brought me back to noticing and savoring happy moments this summer.  The imperfect moments still came – it was not all happy.  But the very simple intention to savor the happy ones somehow provided extra strength for the not-so-happy ones.

#2 Never start a weekly blog series in the summertime! ;). OK well, really the lesson is to set plans but stay flexible for reality when it happens.   Our time-traveling brain can make great plans for the future. But that is not realistic until your brain has the most reliable information, what your body is telling it in the present moment.  Trust your gut when you set future goals.  Your body will give you a hint about how realistic it might be. Hold your goals with the knowledge that they will need to be adjusted based on what can only be known in your whole person in the present moment.

Updating goals is not failure, it’s well-being.