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Celtic Spiral:  This image is a 5000 year old attempt to make sense of the universe. The three spirals of life spring from a common center, a potent symbol of creation and growth, and the togetherness of all things.

A friend gave me this stone with the Celtic Spiral on it.  It represented what has been growing inside over the past twenty years and is finally coming to life on this site!  Exercising Well is a coming together of the three areas of interest in my work; movement, motivation, and mindfulness.

Your body has a tremendous capacity to create health through movement.   However,  there is more to well-being than just a healthy body.  I have witnessed how the mind and heart play a powerful role as well.  Bringing these areas of interest together into a step-by-step program is a natural outgrowth of my strong belief in the science of the mind / body / spirit connection for well-being and health.

“There is no doubt that when you take it to the next level, the mind and the body are connected, and that when those connections are intact and in balance you have health and when they’re broken you have disease.” Esther Sternberg MD, University of Arizona.  The Connection

We hear constantly about the new super-food, cleansing diet, power vitamin, or some intricate program that will bring us health and well-being.  These messages leave us in a constant state of searching for something more, thinking that well-being is just around the corner if we can just take control of our health.   It is easy to forget that health and well-being are not synonymous.  One can be healthy but not well, or have disease and be well.  Well is in the being – being with all of life, in this moment.

We don’t need to wait to be well.   We can be well as we strive to be healthier.   We can activate our own well-being AND health right now through the amazing interaction of mind, body and heart.

    • Moving the body in a healthy, natural and consistent way sends signals to the body to grow strong and the brain to calm
    • Calming the mind signals the body to relax so it can spend more time on the  maintenance work of growing healthy cells and fighting unhealthy ones
    • Connecting to what is true and right for us in our heart keeps us grounded and balanced among the constant pulls for our attention, time and energy

The result of moving the body, calming the mind, and inspiring the heart, is that we tap into our own intrinsic power each moment to energize, heal, cleanse, renew, and focus. We experience the freedom of discovering that being well is possible in any given moment.  In short – we are activating our own well-being.

If you are limited in some way – missing out on being healthy and well because of pain, disease, low motivation, low energy, or just a complicated schedule –  remember, something is always possible to activate well-being.  Freedom is in the possibilities and together, we can discover what is possible.