How to get the most from coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a science-based process for facilitating lasting positive changes in a person’s life. A coach offers a profound level of support, guidance, and encouragement, without being judgmental. Using scientific processes for communication, motivation, and habit formation, coaches help you use what is happening in the present moment to navigate and learn each step of the way. The latest research on habit formation has shown that awareness is what makes lasting change possible. Coaching leads to the kind of awareness that enhances your skills for being internally guided and self-motivated.

Rather than someone to be accountable to, through coaching you become more easily accountable to yourself, gaining confidence you will stay on course amid the normal changes in life. Research has shown that coaching is one of the most effective approaches for helping people make and sustain improvements in their lives.

What is a health and wellbeing coach?

Health and wellbeing coaches are health care professionals who are specifically trained in this coaching process. Health coaches balance coaching tools for listening to and learning from your experiences with providing personalized information about health and wellbeing when you need it. In coaching, there is no ‘failure’, only learning about what leads you away from or toward your own vision for your health and wellbeing. A health and wellbeing coach will help you learn how to keep your healthy habits through the ups and downs of life and stay on course toward your vision for your health and wellbeing.

How does the Exercising WELL coaching membership work?

In the Exercising WELL coaching membership, I use this science-based coaching process in conversations as well as through email. As your exercise physiologist, I will share science-based information about exercise as it relates to your vision for your health and wellbeing. I continually balance these two roles so the information about exercise that I share is always directed by your Why for exercise, your Vision for your wellbeing and your present-moment situations.

How can I get the most out of Exercising WELL coaching?

There are two parts to the coaching.

Initial coaching call 

The purpose of this call is for both of us to gain greater insight into what is most important to you about your health and wellbeing so we can use exercise as a resource to make that a reality. We will clarify your Why and create your health and wellbeing Vision.

There are several ways to make this call most effective:

  • Eliminate as many distractions as possible. When both of us are mindful, we will get the best information and outcome from the session.
  • Schedule the call at a time of day when you can be most present.
  • Do the call in a place you can relax.
  • I take notes and email you a summary of our call. Once we finalize this summary, we will use it as a guide, so you get the most from Exercising WELL.

Weekly coaching emails

The weekly coaching emails allow us to continue the coaching process in the most cost-effective way possible. Since awareness is your most powerful tool for forming lasting habits, the emails keep you aware and learning how to be guided by your Why and navigate to your Vision. Because the coaching conversation is different through email, let’s make sure we are making it as effective as possible.

  • The purpose of the weekly emails is for you to capture what you are learning each week by setting aside some time to answer a coaching question, rather than those ‘gems’ slipping away as one week turns into another.
  • The weekly coaching email check-ins are not about accountability to me or ‘checking up on you’. Guilt and other negative emotions shut down the part of the brain that allows us to make changes. If the emails feel like that, please let me know.
  • Daily tracking helps turn your experiences with exercise into information your brain can use to make exercise a habit that leads to your Vision. A simple tracking system that fits easily into your day is a tool you will create in Exercising WELL. When it is simple to use, daily tracking makes it easier to capture what you are learning and summarize it in the emails.
  • Remember, there is no failure, only learning. As we will discuss, self-motivation does not come from achieving goals, but from the learning that you take away from what did or didn’t work each week.
  • When something is overwhelming, motivation tanks. If the daily tracking and weekly emails start to feel overwhelming, let me know ASAP. We will get creative in making it more enjoyable and do-able for you.
  • Please let me know how I can help you make the most of our weekly coaching emails. If there is a good day of the week to email you, let me know. If there is a certain question that would prompt the most learning for you, let me know.

Follow-up coaching calls or video conferencing are always available for the times a coaching conversation would help you get ‘unstuck’ or when life has changed the direction of your Why.