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Each month at we focus on a topic that will help you move smart so you feel better, and stay motivated.  You will find links to Exercising WELL YouTube videos (all less than 5 minutes each), articles and more information about the motivation and exercise science behind this unique approach to exercise.   

Start Smart, Stay Motivated

Video: Take the Start Smart Challenge

Video: Unleash your natural motivation

Video: Getting the Results you really want from exercise 

Video: The motivating ways to think about types of exercise

Move Smart with a Smart Core

Video: The science-based way to a strong core

Video: The foundation of a strong and functional core

Video: True core exercise for a strong back, pelvic floor, and more!

Video: Move smart with core smarts

Exercise mindsets that maximize results and motivation

Video: Exercise mindset shift; from a task to self-care (coming soon)