Frequently Asked Questions About Exercising Well

I am not very tech savvy. Will I be able to do this online program?

The platform is very user friendly and every aspect of the program was created for the not-so-tech-savvy person in mind.  Plus, I am just an email away if you get stuck.

I am really out of shape and am nervous about getting injured?

Exercising WELL is a completely self-paced program. You will learn to progress at the just right pace, knowing when and how to adapt so you progress at the just right rate for your body.  Each exercise has suggested modifications, but most importantly, with a strong understanding of how your body is designed to move well and stay motivated, and the skill of listening to your body, you will gain confidence you can exercise and not have to push through pain. You can always message me with questions too.

I don’t really like online exercise programs.  What is different about Exercising WELL?

Exercising WELL is not just another collection of exercises you feel guilty for not doing. It’s a step-by-step, science based coaching program with step-by-step online programs and ‘well-outs’ to keep you exercising to be well now.  Coaching is part of each level of membership so you are never alone and always know what you are doing is right for you.   Exercising WELL is designed to give you the confidence that no matter what you do for exercise, you know how to do it correctly for your body without feeling like you need someone watching you to make sure you are doing it correctly.

I have a bad back.  How do I know this is right for me?

One of the most important skills you will learn throughout exercising well is how to position your spine so it is in its strongest position and how to use your core the way it was designed,  to support your body in this strongest position while you move. With the slow gradual progression and use of mindfulness to keep you listening to your body, you will gain confidence you can move with a strong core and back.

What if I have a gym membership?

Exercising well will help you get your best value out of your membership because you will confidently know what to do with all that equipment, and what equipment is not worth your time.

What equipment do I need?

There is not much equipment needed for Exercising WELL. To get started you only need:

  • A pair of free weights (dumbbells) starting at 1-5lbs  and/or an exercise band set.  You can use water bottles if dumbbells are not available.
  • a step stool or the bottom step of a staircase
  • a sturdy chair

I will guide you through building your resources for other exercise equipment, so you are less likely to waste money on equipment that is not right for you.

I have health issues and I am concerned about exercising. Is Exercising WELL safe for me to do? 

This is one of the main reasons I created Exercising WELL: to give people who have medical concerns like diabetes, excess body weight, high blood pressure, cancer, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and arthritis access to the kind of exercise advice and guidance they need. As a clinical exercise physiologist (CEP), my training provides both an understanding of the physiology of disease and the physiology of exercise. When you are exercising with a medical diagnosis, a CEP is the professional you need for guidance; however, CEPs are not typically part of medical teams. Exercising WELL gives you access to a Clinical Exercise Physiologist that you probably would not get in your usual medical care. If you are looking for more personalized guidance, coaching sessions are also available. With your permission, as part of coaching, I will connect with your health care provider about specific recommendations and provide them with updates about your progress.

I am just recovering from an illness and just want to get back to normal life. Is this the right time for me to start Exercising WELL?

Start Well is the beginning of Exercising WELL. It meets you right where you are and takes you step-by-step in a way that you learn to listen to and be guided by your own body.  This ensures you do not do too much too soon as you gradually re-build your body and confidence.   It has been a successful start for members who are in treatment for cancer, preparing for surgery, and getting back into a routine after a round of physical therapy.  Along with our regular coaching sessions, you this is the way to start or restart exercise with confidence!   With your permission, as part of coaching, I will connect with your health care provider about specific recommendations and provide them with updates about your progress.

I tend to be an all-or-nothing exerciser, how do I know I can stick with this? 

Often when motivation is low, the way we are thinking about exercise or approaching it is in some way creating a negative habit loop, making your motivation less sustainable.   You will learn how to adapt exercise when life starts getting in the way, so you are less likely to do nothing and keep feeling motivated.

I used to be an athlete, so I know how to exercise. How will Exercising WELL help me get and stay motivated? 

I will show you how to use your success with exercise in the past as a helpful tool.  In Exercising WELL you will learn how to use your strong history with exercise to help you adapt exercises and motivational techniques for your current goals.

I can’t get up and down off the floor, will I be able to do the exercises?

All of the exercises can be done either standing or sitting in a chair.  There are options for getting on the floor but it is not necessary.

Will I lose weight with this program?

Exercising Well is more than a typical exercise program, it’s a way to feel and function better in your whole person. The skills you learn in this program for listening to and trusting your body will carry over into eating as well.  While there are many factors involved in weight loss, Exercising Well makes it more likely you will feel and function better each step of the way to your goal weight. Check out the free resources page to download my FREE guide to “The New Way to Exercise for Weight Loss Success”.

I don’t have much time, will I be able to fit this into my busy schedule?  

Since time is usually the biggest barrier to exercising consistently, Exercising WELL is carefully designed to be time efficient.  Each step is broken down into time-efficient segments, making exercise feel doable and achievable, without feeling like it’s getting in the way of life. You can always work at your own speed so you don’t feel like you’re falling behind.   You will learn how much is enough exercise for you, and how to adapt it so you can keep using exercise to feel better, even when your schedule changes and time is limited.

Do you talk about nutrition too?

Learning about exercise and motivation is a lifelong dedication of mine.   Nutrition is its own body of knowledge with enough information to keep a person learning their whole life.   I have had the privilege of working alongside some amazing dietitians in my career that have helped me understand the connection between food and exercise on a very different level than just calories in and calories out. I recommend getting nutrition advice from a degreed professional  who has dedicated their career to nutrition.  I can refer you to a dietitian if you want more information.  However, since health coaching applies to all health choices, in your coaching sessions we will include any nutrition goals you have for yourself as well as exercise goals.

I have spent so much money on exercise programs, how do I know this is something I can stick with? 

Most exercise programs tell you what exercises you should do.  Exercising WELL teaches you how to choose and do the exercises that are right for you.  With the lifelong skill of knowing what exercises are right for your goals, and knowing how exercise becomes a habit,  Exercising WELL will help you get the most out of exercise equipment and programs you have purchased with confidence you can do it in a way that is right for your body, and stay motivated.

How do coaching sessions work?

Health coaching is different from personal training or athletic coaching.  It is a science based method for maximizing the learning in a way that builds confidence in your own abilities.  The insights and skills you build in coaching stay with you long after you are done with coaching sessions.   Through secure video chat (ie: zoom) we meet, discuss successes and learn from challenges, ensure you are getting the most out of exercise, and review exercises to adapt for your body.  Click here to learn more about coaching.

My life is busy right now, is this a good time to start?

Exercising well is designed to be simple enough to fit into even a busy life. It is self paced so you never feel like you are falling behind.  Because it is a mind/body based approach to exercise, it is designed so exercise is stress reducing even in a busy lifestyle.  The program is flexible enough that you can adapt exercise so it fits your schedule and is a way to restore calm and energy when life ramps up.

What if I am not satisfied?  

There is no long term commitment, you may change your membership level or cancel at any time.