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How to Exercise when Fatigued or Tired

Energy is the currency of life. When you have enough energy you are motivated to do what you need to do in daily life with energy left over for things you enjoy and to meet challenges. When you don’t have enough energy, daily life, and those challenges become more stressful.

The Importance of Regular Exercise

When you are limited by fatigue, there are many possible causes. However, there is one common factor that contributes to all causes of fatigue; the spiral of inactivity.

Your body is a “use it to keep it” system. When you are tired, you move less. Moving less tells your body not to put energy into keeping your strength, stamina, and mobility. As these essential functional skills for daily life are lowered, fatigue increases and the spiral continues downward.

Regular exercise is the way to turn this around, but that depends on how you define exercise. When exercise means all movement, it is not specific enough to regain and preserve strength, stamina, and mobility. When exercise means pushing your body at high intensities and for long durations, it becomes something you can’t do until you are feeling better.  Both of these contribute to the spiral of inactivity.

Learn to Move Well with Energy

When exercise means moments in your day that restore wellbeing, you are using your energy well to regain and keep the functional skills you need to feel better.  Leave behind the stress of forcing your body to do something it’s not ready to so exercise can help you regain your strength stamina, and mobility, eliminating the downward spiral of inactivity as a cause or contributing factor to fatigue.

When you want to be healthy, but are limited by fatigue, start Exercising Well to reduce the stress that comes with fatigue and strengthen your self-motivation skills for whole-person health.