If you are a professional who recommends exercise to patients or clients, such as a health care provider, health or career coach, researcher, or program manager, Exercising WELL can make your job easier.  

You know exercise is good for your clients and patients. In the space between knowing and doing, there are many details. Exercising WELL takes care of those details for you.    If you have spent time trying to get clients to exercise, only to have them continue to struggle with making it a habit, Exercising WELL is here to make your job easier.

If we know what works for exercise and motivation, why isn’t it used more?

Despite all we know about the benefits of exercise and about motivation, the statistic that 76% of people do not get enough exercise has been constant. There are three main reasons why.

  • Under-regulated industry. The fitness industry is largely unregulated. Anyone can call themselves a trainer or a fitness expert. Without the same standards required for other health professionals, many popular exercises are based on what is marketable, not science-based. People need to be savvy fitness consumers to avoid being misguided. 
  • Ingrained cultural beliefs. Reality TV shows and a highly popular focus on athletic performance perpetuate the concept of ‘no pain, no gain’ or the need to push your body to get results. These strategies work for competitions but were never meant for exercise for health and well-being.  The methods of pushing through tough workouts and using criticism to stay motivated work against the known strategies for lasting motivation, resulting in the downward spiral of all-or-nothing when it comes to exercise.  
  • Designed for people who are fit. Most programs are not able to be adapted for the unique physical and mental needs of someone who is deconditioned, carrying extra weight, or dealing with a health issue.  Clients often believe they have to endure feeling worse before they can feel better and end up concluding they ‘can’t exercise’ or are ‘not an exerciser’.  

The science-based way out of the struggle

After three decades and thousands of conversations with people about exercise and applying a science-based, whole-person approach to exercise, I have seen people break free of the struggle and finally enjoy exercise with confidence they can stick with it.  In health coaching, I use motivational techniques like motivational interviewing and illustrate concepts like the Habit Loop and apply them specifically to the sciences of clinical exercise physiology, biomechanics, and exercise chemistry. I love taking the brain and body sciences and making them user-friendly so exercising is simplified without excluding the important details that make exercise such a powerful medicine for health and well-being.  

Exercising WELL is the solution

The Exercising WELL creates lasting positive exercise habits for health and well-being through a unique approach to exercise that is

  • Professionally guided. Because knowing what to do is not enough, regular health coaching sessions are part of every membership level of Exercising WELL. This ensures that clients have consistent guidance for exercising year-round, through the inevitable changes in their schedule, body, and the weather. Through a HIPAA secure platform, they message me directly to ask questions, work through challenges, or share successes.
  • Designed for well-being, health, and quality of life. Each client’s exercise program is designed to improve function so the client enjoys an enhanced quality of everyday life as well as the fun activities that give their life meaning. Because clients want these results long-term, we don’t rely on short term motivators, but on the motivational strategies known to be lasting. 
  • Simple and flexible. The program is designed for busy lifestyles, tired bodies, and resistant minds. That means clients find exercise fits their lifestyle and their body from day one. They no longer feel they have to put life on hold or push their body in order to be healthy. 

How to use Exercising WELL to free you and your clients from the struggle with exercise

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This client story is just one example of how I can make your job easier

“I began my journey with Janet as a way to manage stress. I was pleased to discover that a new physical strength came along with the inner peace. I’m not talking about six pack abs but rather a strength and stability in my core that benefited every aspect of my aging body. I was never more grateful for this core strength until I was recuperating from unexpected major gastrointestinal surgery. I was off all pain meds by day two, independent by nursing standards, getting in and out of bed by day three, and discharged on day four. My recuperation at home was not easy but I know for sure that the strength of my core made all the difference in my healing and recovery.”