Be Well Now Bracelets

Handmade with kindness

A Reminder to Be Well Now

As a gift yourself or someone else or yourself, a Be Well Now bracelet says, I care, I’m here to support, I believe in you! 

Each Be Well Now bracelet has its own unique beauty.  Made of the gemstone Amazonite, with its natural beauty displayed in a wide range of  colors.  Choose from three styles, each with their own meaning and message.   Each bracelet has its own custom charm with a reminder to Be Well Now. 

Handmade with care, 100% of the profits from our bracelets go to a scholarship fund in memory of Tyler Trudell. Read more about Tyler and his scholarship below.  

Ever Presence

Made of calming blues and neutrals with an antique bronze sun and moon charm, this bracelet is a reminder to come back to the present moment, feeling all the support and care that is already here.  The Ever Presence poem was written for anyone who is experiencing loss, to offer a real reminder of all that  is here and now.  This bracelet adds a bit of sunshine amid the rainstorms of life to reveal sources of strength and support.


Embrace the Sway


Life is change.  Sometimes this ‘sway’ of life is a gentle welcome breeze and sometimes it’s a windstorm. Like a tree well rooted, when you stay centered, you are well even through the inevitable changes of life.    The Embrace the Sway Bracelet with its natural greens and browns honors the ability each of us have to come to our center and be well now, even as life changes.  


Be Kind Inside

We know how to be kind to others, but we can easily forget to offer the same kindness to ourselves.  When we do, we start a chain reaction of healing and renewal in our whole-person and the kindness more naturally flows outward to others.  The Be Kind Inside Bracelet, with its cheerful yellows and orange beads is a constant reminder to turn kindness inward as well as spreading it to others.  

Learn how to Be Well Now 

Free online resource with step by step videos, a downloadable workbook and audio mindful movement meditation.