Happy New year!

Don’t you love that ‘new notebook’ feeling of the new year? A fresh start, a clean slate, and lots of motivation to get things in order.

We complicate this time, though, by using that energy to dive into making changes, especially with exercise. Everything in brain and body science tells us that change happens gradually and diving in trains your brain to avoid exercising.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we need to be smart about our health. We simply don’t have time to waste continuing to do things that just don’t work!

That is why I am starting off this year by offering a special yearly membership to Exercising Well. I want to give you a way to capture this energy and use it well, to build lasting self-motivation and transform exercise from a chore to a way to restore!

One year special to

Make this your year to simplify being healthy!

In Kindness,

P.S. All this month I will be giving you tips to Dare to Prepare. Connect with me on social media to get even more reminders on how to skip the January jump-in!