Your New Years Health Resolution

It’s been a tough year for all of us. Even the joys have not come easy because of the complications that come with living in a pandemic.

I want to do things differently in 2022. I still want to bring you science-based messages about exercising to be well now, but it’s now even more important that it is simple.

As you know, simple is not easy! I am working on something that I will share with you soon to make sure we carry our well-being resolutions into 2023.

Brain and Body Science: Prepare

Right now, you are inundated with jump-start messaging.  Since everything in body/brain science tells us to get rid of the jump-start mentality, today I am reminding you to resist the push to dive in! Instead, dare to prepare!

There are two essential stages before you start changing habits. Dare to be different than all the people rushing to get to their goal. Science tells us they will lack the foundation to make it last. I want you to have a strong foundation, confidently going through the year knowing you are using your time and energy well.

The video below outlines each of the stages so when you are ready to get ready, you have a solid way out of the dive-in mentality.  Below the video you can download your FREE guide that takes you step-by step through using body/brain science to prepare for lasting changes.


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