When I was a kid, my sisters and I would stand at the edge of the pool, delaying getting in because the water was cold. Meanwhile, my dad would just run right past us and jump in.

The ‘just do it’ attitude is pretty powerful for overcoming procrastination, isn’t it?!

Diving into the new year with the ‘just do it’ attitude will certainly help you make lots of progress at the start, but usually that motivation turns into procrastination again. It’s become a joke, but it’s not funny when you really want to feel better now.

Consider this fact:

When you decide to make a change to be healthier, you are ready for the result.

However, that does not make you ready for the changes that need to happen to make those results last.

Science tells us there are two stages before you ‘just do it’ that prepare you to make lasting changes.

The first one you can do right now, even amid the holiday rush. In fact, right now is a great time because all that holiday activity provides even more valuable information often missed when you dive into making changes.

I call this stage the ‘gathering stage’ because you are gathering information from your most reliable source: your body.

As you go through your day, notice the activities you want to be easier, more enjoyable.

What skill is your body telling you it needs to be able to do that activity without adding to stress? Presence? Stamina? Strength? Rest? Mobility? Balance? Comfort?

If you are ready for 2022 to be the year you make lasting changes for your health, embrace this first stage of simply being and noticing and know you are reducing the chances of getting stuck in procrastination in the new year.

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