In speaking with a client who is dealing with the loss of a loved one, she said, “What is helping me most right now is focusing on what is still here”.

That perspective stayed with me. We have all experienced loss of some kind over the past 18 months. Life IS change—there is no escaping it, but we have had an overabundance lately. Focusing on what is still here is a way of finding your footing when the ‘sway’ of life might otherwise uproot you.

Experiencing a loss of any kind makes this season of celebration extra ‘prickley’.  How can we be well when this time of year is full of contradicting feelings?

As my client discovered, gratitude, shifting your attention to what is here now, is a lovely little shortcut to presence.  The present moment is the only place you can feel peace, joy, and strength. Research shows, the more consistently and concretely the practice of gratitude, the more resilience one has for staying well during the storms of life.

Exercise is, unfortunately, often a practice of focusing on what is missing while trying to get to a better future state.   While we are trying to get to a greater level of performance, or health, or look better in the future, we are also getting really good at hyper-focusing on what we don’t have now.

When exercise is a time to practice embodying gratitude for the strength, mobility, and stamina you do have now, it becomes a concrete and consistent way to strengthen your skills for being well now.

Moving with gratitude for what your body can do now shifts your whole person back to the state of well, where healing, repair, and growth can take place.  It is the way to move for better health in the future, without having to wait to feel better.

Gratitude focuses your attention on what is here and now. It transforms anything, including exercise, into a celebration. Let Thanksgiving be a reminder to move with gratitude for what your body can do now, and a way to practice the skill of being well now.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving that is full of presence to the simple joys life brings your way.

Be Well Now,

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