How’s your mindset this week? As the days get shorter and colder you may find yourself dreading the months ahead. How do you stay motivated through the winter to exercise and do all the things you know are good for your health and wellbeing? The answer is more than changing your thinking because mindset is more than your thoughts.  There is a simple formula for using your whole person to spend less energy trying to stay motivated.

We can take a lesson from nature.  In winter, trees shed what is using extra energy so they can redirect it into restoring. Only when they do this can they bloom in spring.  Trees are still actively alive in winter.  They just shift to align with the season.

We too are meant to shift when the seasons, or other ‘uncontrollables’ in life change. So many of our barriers to exercise and other health habits are created by resisting these changes rather than aligning with them.  Energy is often wasted on trying to stick with the same plan when life is asking for something different.

Since you are the CEO of your well-being, you are the one that knows what is needed when life changes.  This power cannot be delegated. The changing seasons is mother natures way of calling a ‘quarterly meeting’ to plan for how you will not just survive, but thrive in the season ahead. Practicing this with the changing seasons gives you the skills needed to align when other parts of life change too.   The key is using presence with kindness so you have access to the most personalized, up-to-date information about what you need for your wellbeing right now.

Take a few moments now to create your Well Winter plan to practice staying in the driver’s seat of your motivation for year-round health and wellbeing.    This plan can not be elaborate or complicated. Simplicity is the secret to the success of creating a plan that is adaptable for the changing nature of life.

Here is the formula to keep it super simple.

  1. State what you need most right now. Trust your gut on this. Is it Hope? Energy? Healing? Calm? Confidence?  Choose one word that when you hear it, your heart says “yes!”
  2. Choose something that embodies that for you. It may be a song, a poem, a phrase, a color, a word, an image.
  3. Choose a time each day you will embody that quality.   Dancing to that song, walking with those words in your heart, stretching with that image in your view?  Get creative in choosing some way of involving your whole person in actively practicing being in that state each day for even just a few minutes.

That third step is what creates the mindset. Your mind is all over your body, not just in your head. Positive thinking hits a roadblock when you have negative thinking about your body. New mindsets are created by embodying your new way of thinking and being for each season.

Not sure you will stay motivated?   The problem is not you, it’s how we are taught to motivate in our culture.  You simply need to shore up the foundation of how you keep yourself motivated in a more lasting, natural way.

Not crazy about the idea of moving each day?  The problem is not you or your body, it’s the messages we have about moving and exercising in our culture.   You simply need a stronger foundation for moving the way your body is designed.

Knowing how to move well and motivate well is simple when you align with the way your brain and body are designed.  I show you how in three simple steps through the foundational online course called Be Well Now. For a limited time, the course is free.  Click here to get started.

Enjoy taking charge of your well-being by meeting the changing needs of your whole person this season.