Consider this for a moment. The 37.2 trillion or so cells you are made of started from just one single cell. That cell divided into 2, then 4, then 8 cells until each one followed its genetic code to become your heart, your lungs, your brain, and every other part of you.

You didn’t have to try to divide those cells. No one had to tell those cells what to do. Your whole person just did what it is hardwired to do – grow for you to survive and thrive.

When you started making decisions for your health, that innate drive didn’t end. Yet, somewhere along the way, we have moved from trusting in our whole-person, to trying to do what we know we should for our health.

When you make the move from trying back to trusting, well-being naturally happens.

Trying is a brain-based activity. It wastes a lot of energy by asking the brain to orchestrate your health. But your brain is not designed to do it alone. Consider the order in which your cells formed. Your heart was created first, before your brain. Hmmm….

Trusting is a whole-person knowing. Your brain, body, and heart team up so your cells efficiently do what they are designed to do – grow, heal, repair. When that starts in your heart, your center, your motivation naturally falls into place. Being healthy takes much less energy.

The fantastic part is you already know how to do this. You simply need to unlearn the habit of trying to be healthy.

The Foundations Membership of Exercising Well is designed to restore the foundational mindsets and movements that are lost when your body changes or your life changes.  It is the step-by-step a way to rediscover this trust in your whole person, not just by thinking differently but by holding and moving your body the way it is designed.  Now, it is now available for free!

Whether you are not even thinking of exercising, or already have made it a habit, the Foundations program gives you a way to restore your trust in your whole person and gives you more power to change any health habit you want to develop.

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PS: If you want a visual for those cells magically dividing check out this video