Have you ever walked into a room so warm and inviting you instantly felt welcome and comfortable there?

The four parts of your internal wellbeing; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, make up your inner home. Like caring for your home, being Kind Inside is the skill of tending to each part so you remain strong and well throughout stressful and joyful times that are the changing ‘weather’ of life.

Mental: Your thoughts are like the windows and doors of your home. As the changing ‘weather’ of your thoughts come and go, you can choose what you let in. When ‘stinking thinking’ starts to invade your inner home, it’s time to ‘close the blinds’ and go inside to be kind.

Emotional: Like the air that carries smells into your home, emotions are messengers. They can warn of a potential threat or invite you to savor joys. When you pay attention to them, and the messages they carry, you can care for your inner home and enjoy being there with more ease.

Physical: Your body is like the interior of your home; the walls, floors, and furniture. There are certain things you cannot change and just need to work with. There are certain things you can improve to keep your physical home as comfortable and functional as possible. When you do so from a place of kindness, it’s not work, it’s a gift.

Spiritual: The spiritual part of you is your foundation. This is the structure that keeps you grounded, defines your gifts and ability to be kind to others while keeping you strong as you weather storms that inevitably come and go in life.

If this metaphor doesn’t work for you, what helps you relate kindly to what is happening inside?

Kindness is so often referred to as something we give to others. Being kind to others without being kind to yourself is called being nice. Like taking care of someone else’s home and ignoring your own, this drains your inner resources and leads to exhaustion.

So how do we learn to tend to this inner home and be kind inside? It starts with presence, simply noticing these four aspects and letting them guide you.

It takes a good dose of courage to be open to seeing clearly what is happening in these parts of your being. This is why homes are part of a community, so we can support each other through kindness. After close to 55 years in this ‘home’ I am still learning how to be present and Kind Inside. Just like owning a home, the job is never done! I am grateful to be on this journey with each of you.

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