In this blog we highlight the ways we used to think about stretching and balance, and the motivation to do those exercises can make it harder to get what you want from them.  If you want to reduce your risk of injury from a fall, improve your flexibility, and feel more comfortable and confident in your body, even as you age, read on for an updated, more motivating way to think about flexibility and balance.

Have you ever tried running in water? The faster you try to go, the more resistance the water provides and the more work it is to move. This is true with many things: the harder you try, the more difficult it is to get where you want to go.

I experience this in my writing. I spend time trying to write what I want to say while sitting at my computer. But the clearest ideas come to me when I wake up in the morning, while exercising, or when I’m driving.

Your body’s mobility works the same way. We used to think stretching meant trying to make muscles stretch out and get longer—like a rubber band. Thanks to advances in science and technology that lets us see what is happening to your cells when you stretch, we now know the more you push, the less flexible you will become.

The same goes for balance. The more you try to stay in perfect balance, the less likely you are to improve your balance.

The same goes for motivation. The more effort you put into trying to be ‘good’ and do what you know you should, the harder it will be to stick with it long-term.

Most of us have a ‘health commentator’ inside our heads about what we should be doing for our health and well-being. Stretching and balance exercises are two of the types of exercise I most often hear people saying, “I know I should be doing them”, but they are not. Yet, as I mentioned before, mobility is one third of the key skills your body needs to move well.

Below are videos with information about how to grow mobility well. They help you break free of the old ideas about stretching and balance and staying motivated to do them, and bring a simple, fresh look to mobility so you have greater confidence in your ability to grow and keep your freedom of movement.

As you know by now, this is more than just moving your body in the right way. Freedom of movement is about your whole person being free to be well now. Enjoy the videos below to take an updated look at stretching and balance exercises for whole-person well-being.

Be Well Now,