This is an introduction to a new video series on being Strong and Well.  Each video walks you through how to design strength exercise specifically for your whole-person wellbeing, for being strong through the ups and downs of life.  It makes doing strength exercises much more simple, enjoyable and motivating.  Doing mindful strength means you are aware of your whole-person strength. Read on and see why you are as strong as you know.  

As research assistants in grad school, one of our unofficial jobs was to be a subject for each other’s research studies. Every time someone chose a weight-lifting study, I cringed.

Weight lifting made me feel tired and weak. I am genetically skewed toward having stamina and mobility, but I am not naturally strong. I found it so boring that I had to find ways to get through it, deal with the fatigue and soreness, and reward myself with something (usually the tasty snacks that were always in the grad assistants office). Weight lifting wasn’t something I wanted to do, it was something I had to do.

It wasn’t until I stopped lifting weights, trying to build muscles, and started inviting my whole person into the exercise that I started to enjoy doing strength exercises.

Our culture can make us forget that we are strong enough. But physiology tells a different story. You have heard stories of someone using amazing strength in order to save someone. Where did that come from? In an emergency, the whole nervous system works together to activate all the muscle fibers, which leads to acts of amazing strength.

The same goes for mental, emotional and spiritual strength. Think of a challenging time you went through in the past. Looking back you can see that you were stronger, more capable than you ever imagined.

Your strength is always there, it simply needs to be activated with awareness. In other words, you are as strong as you know.

Awareness of your strength is the first step to accessing your strength, not just in the extreme challenges, in each moment of every day.

When you know where your physical strength actually comes from and how it works, no matter what your genetic makeup, strength capability, or age, you can start moving your body well and feel stronger with more ease. Since your body is always communicating to the rest of your whole person, When you embody strength with awareness, you remember your whole person is strong.

Mindful Strength is time set aside to remind your whole person you are strong. When you are present in your whole person while doing strength exercises, your physical strength is available with more ease, you use less mental energy to get and stay motivated, and you recharge your reservoir of emotional strength to handle life’s little and big challenges.

Bottom line: Moving well to Be Well Now includes reminding your whole person you are strong twice a week. The videos I posted this week tell you how to build strength well.  Check out the first video below where I share the key ingredients missing from strength training adapted from athletes and done by people who just want to be healthy and well.