I entered high school in the 80s and was starting my career when they ended. It was the time of big hair and skinny bodies. I didn’t have big hair and I didn’t think I had a skinny body, but I was influenced by the pop culture of that decade. As you can imagine, this created a great deal of inner struggle as I tried to fit in as a teenager. I endured many smelly perms, and did a lot of aerobics. A lot!

All the sweat and leg lifts never seemed to get rid of the cellulite on my legs the way it did for the women in Shape magazine, though. When I read that Madonna did five hours of aerobics a day, I knew I had to up my game. So I did more aerobics and leg lifts and every kind of crunch you could think of (shudder!).

As I look back on that girl trying so hard to ‘get in shape’, I realize what I really wanted was to be well—to be centered, confident, and calm, no matter what my hair or thighs looked like.

This is true for all of us. At the heart of anything we do for self improvement is the innate drive to be well.

Looking back, I can see how exercise offered me ways to be well, by balancing my brain chemistry and creating lifelong friendships. I just couldn’t see that that was enough. Instead, the marketing hype led me to exercise in a way that caused muscle soreness, stress, and self-doubt.

We have much more information at our fingertips now than we did in the days when I had to wait for my issue of Shape to come in the mail. But more information does not mean better information. Now we have a million times more misinformation to weed through in order to use exercise to be well now.

Last week I shared with you that getting enough exercise is as simple as 1-2-3. Each week this month, we will focus on one type of exercise, clearing away the misconceptions so you can use exercise to be well in the present and confident in your future health.

This week, I’m sharing short videos about cardiovascular exercise so you can avoid the soreness and stress commonly associated with cardio and simply use it to be well now. Check out the video below to get started and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more.

Next week, we will move on to a whole-person way to do strength training because it’s about so much more than muscles!

Be Well Now,

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