You want to be healthy.  Who doesn’t?!

You pretty much know what to do for your health, but doing it consistently? That’s another story!

The problem is not a lack of information. We have an overwhelming amount of information about what to do for our health right at our fingertips. This makes trying to be healthy complicated, and stressful.

Being healthy needs to be simple, or it just won’t work.  Getting to the root cause of a problem simplifies the solution.

All this month, we have been looking at how to Be Well now.

Why? Because whole-person well-being is the root cause of health.

Why? Because when you are well, your whole person puts more energy into healing, repair, and growth. When you are stressed, though, your whole person redirects that energy to fight, flight, or freeze in response to a threat to your well-being.

Why? Because that’s the way we are hardwired.

Let me be clear—stress in itself is not a problem. Stress becomes a problem when you stay in that state. It is well-known that the root of our most common illnesses is not stress, it’s chronic stress.

We get stuck in stress when we:

  • Put energy into managing stressors rather than the stress response.
    • Stressors are the real or potential threats to your well-being.
    • Stress is the physical response in your body to those threats.
  • Try to think our way out of stress.
    • Stress is a physical response.
    • The way out needs to be physical.
  • Make movement a task and exercise feel like work.
    • When you are trying to get things done, even if you are burning calories, it’s perpetuating the stress response.
    • Exercise that makes you feel worse now, emotionally or physically, is also perpetuating the stress response.

The way to be healthy is to get unstuck from stress and back to well as often as possible each day.

How? The three steps to Be Well Now:

1- Be: Kind Inside™  Notice what your body feels like now, without judging it or criticizing it. Our modern day version of fight-flight-freeze is criticizing, distracting or ruminating. Shifting your attention to your body shifts you out of that thought cycle and allows what you feel to inform you it’s time to move back to the state of well.

  • Shift your position so you feel comfortable and sturdy in your body.
  • Feel your breath ebb and flow as a reminder you are innately cared for without needing to do anything.

2 – Well: Trusting your center.  Feel the center of your body. This is the place of knowing beyond thinking. Trust what you feel here as your guide.

  • Your heart: the place where you are aware of what is most important (your heart brain).
  • Your abdomen: the place you innately know what is needed most right now (your gut-brain).
  • Engage your center slightly, without interrupting your breath, until you feel your attention grounded in your powerful center.

3- Now: move well—not to burn calories or accomplish a task, but to give your body what it has prepared for in the stress response.  Let the movement restore the embodied sense of well by moving:

  •  The way your body is designed.
  • As an act of kindness.
  • With presence in your body.

Once you are back in the state of well, you free up your energy to live with more ease and enjoyment—in other words, to be healthy.

The only way to make this shift is to experience it in your body. Reading this may help you think differently about it, but now you need to embody it.  Make peace with your body by feeling how it is taking care of you, and how you can take care of it by moving to be well now.

This week, use the three steps to Be Well Now and move from stress to well.

Next month we will explore how to move well even further.  I will show you how to make it super-simple to move the way your body is designed with presence and kindness specifically for mobility, strength and stamina. This balance ensures exercise embodies whole-person wellbeing each time.

You can start now by checking out my YouTube channel to learn how to move well to be well.

Be Well Now,

PS: Looking for a more personal way to know how to move well to be well now? Click here to schedule a free coaching session with me. I look forward to chatting!