Key Points:

  • Well is not when everything is perfect, its when you are present, allowing the fullness of the moment to be your guide.
  • Judgement, criticism and resistance are the roadblocks to being well and keep life stressful
  • The three key elements of well; center, clarity, and confidence remove these roadblocks to being well, even when life is stressful.

Before your map app can get you where you want to go, it needs to know where you are now. In the same way, as I explained in my last blog, knowing how to ‘be’ is the essential starting point to being well, which is the essential starting point to being healthy, happy, successful, and satisfied with your life.  Today we take the second of our three-step journey to being well now. I’ll clarify what well is and what it’s not and talk about the three key elements to getting to the state of well, even when life is stressful.

Once your GPS knows know where you are and where you want to go, it needs to know where you are each step of the way. That’s the only way it ‘knows’ if you need to correct course for a detour or roadblock.

When it comes to being well, detours happen because try to reach goals and achieve success in order to be well. This puts the cart before the horse. You need to know how to be well now in order to establish lasting healthy habits.

Roadblocks happen when we mistake being well for ‘thinking positive’ or ‘being good’, putting in our blind spot what is ‘bad’ or negative. Well only happens when you are allow the fullness of this moment to be your guide. This trust in your own inner compass is what guides you back to what gives life meaning for you, providing clarity, no matter how messy life is in the present moment.

Researchers like Cornell University psychologist Anthony Burrow found people who have this kind of clarity live longer, have lower rates of heart attack and stroke, have stronger relationships and enjoy, rather than simply endure, each step of the way to their accomplishments. Being well is at the heart of being healthy, happy, successful, and satisfied in life. Well is not defined by what you do, it directs what you do.

You need this strong internal compass to navigate the constantly changing internal and external landscape of life. We know where that compass is located: at your core or center of your body. Your ‘heart brain’ knows what is most important to you, what gives your life meaning and purpose.
Your ‘gut brain’ is your guide in moving through the maze of external pulls away from what your heart knows.

However, if your core is a part of you that ignore or criticize, being well will always seem just out of reach. Check out my Know Your Core playlist on the Exercising Well You Tube channel to shift your mindset about this part of your body. You might be amazed how much confusion there is about the core, and how freeing it is to make peace with this center of your strength and well-being.

Why is that important? Because bringing your attention to your center is the first of the three keys to being well. The three keys to being well are:
Center: bring your attention to the center of your body; feel your heart brain and gut brain.
Clarity: sense what is here and now with open, non-judgmental awareness.
Confidence: trust what you feel and sense with confidence

Remember that resistance to or criticism of what is here and now clouds your access to this center and keeps well-being out of reach. These key elements are a simple shift back to well-being when you stray off center. Making peace with the center of your body is an essential part of allowing the fullness of this moment, even if it is not positive or less than perfect, to be your guide. Just like your GPS, meeting yourself right where you are is the way to ‘reroute’ back to well, especially when life is stressful.

Next week, we take the third step on our journey to be well now. The Be and Well steps bring you back to your center when you have strayed into the state of stress. The Now step moves you forward with the confidence you are spiraling upward to the health, happiness, and success you are looking for with health goals.



Check out the first core video in the playlist below.  Click here to go to the entire playlist to end the struggle with your core.