Rethink health from a ‘gold medal’ mindset to a golden moment mindset

Recently, I was talking to a client who wanted to lose weight. “I just want to be healthy”, she said. It was clear this was not just about getting to a goal weight. Her resolve for better health exuded through the screen on our zoom call. She had been working hard to stick to a healthy eating plan, but knew she needed to exercise to be healthy too.  I sensed some tension as she told me what she was already doing to be healthy.  It was clear she was working hard and trying to get to her health goal was stressful!

While the textbook definition of health is “freedom from disease”, it was pretty clear she was after more than just a clean bill of health at her next physical. Curious, I asked, “what does being healthy mean to you?”

The answer exploded from her like water released from a dam. “Energy to play with my grandkids! Fewer medications! Being able to hike without worrying about having a heart attack! Cleaning my home without my back hurting! Being motivated so I know I won’t regain the weight this time!”

Clearly, being healthy is more than just freedom from disease. We want to be free from limitations and trust our bodies and ourselves. We want the freedom that comes from having energy left over from the things we have to do, to enjoy the fun parts of life.

When we say we want to be healthy, what we really want is to be well.

However, being well will forever elude us when we use a ‘gold medal’ mindset about health. Working hard to get to a health goal, such as weight loss, keeps you stuck in a stressed state. Reaching a health goal and constantly worrying you will slip up keeps you in a stressed state too. This keeps true health just out of reach because stress is the state when the healing and repair of health are put on the back burner.

Trying to be healthy is constantly trying to get somewhere else. The irony is, you never get there. Oh, you might get there briefly, but it doesn’t last because your mind has been trained on being in the future. To be truly healthy, you need to know how to be well right now, in the present moment.

But when do we ever learn how to be well now? We learn how to push toward a goal and reach for the next level, whether it be in sports, work, or school, but being healthy requires a different mindset than goals, gold, and glory. My client knew this when she looked beyond the scale and saw with clarity how she wanted to feel and function better. She was ready to trade the gold medal mindset of weight loss for the golden moment mindset of well-being.

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