Over month of May, we looked at how to use whatever life brought you over the past year to emerge stronger in the ‘new normal’ with greater confidence in your health and well-being than ever before with more:

  • Sustainable motivation: Being Kind Inside takes you off the rollercoaster of trying to be ‘good’ and trying not to be ‘bad’ and gives you confidence you can take care of yourself no matter what life brings in the new normal.
  • Whole-person health: Being healthy is not a destination, it’s a continual exploration of what it means for you to be well now. Being well in times of stress is a three-step process. Mindfulness gives your mind what it needs. Being Kind Inside gives your heart what it needs. Movement gives your body what it needs. This teamwork is the way out of the stress response and back to a state of being well.
  • Resources for renewal: There are many strategies for reducing mental stress, but every thought is embodied. If you are to renew your strength, energy, and peace, your body needs to feel these qualities in order for your brain to use them. With exercise as self-care, you have a go-to way to renew your strength, energy, and peace so you can stay well in yourself while you stay connected with others.

Wait, what? Exercise? Self-care? How do you get results from exercise if you go easy on yourself?

Everything we are ever taught about exercise tells us to push—that’s the way to get results. When you get to a goal, you need to push to get to the next level. If you don’t push, it’s not worth your time.

Here’s the rub:

  1. Stress is the body preparing for movement.
  2. Moving in daily life (AKA physical activity) does not complete the stress cycle; Instead, it often keeps you stuck in stress. Only intentional movement completes the cycle and brings you back to a state of well.
  3. Exercise is, by definition, intentional movement, but trying to get enough exercise is so darn stressful.

If getting enough exercise to be healthy is stressful, it won’t work.

That is why in our next series of blogs I will show you how to take the stress and worry out of exercising. I will clear the clutter caused by misinformation and show you how simple it is to use exercise as self-care. So strike the ‘getting enough exercise’ off your worry list and get ready to be amazed at how simple it can be.