Happy Spring. Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy Vaccine. Happy April Fools’ Day! Whatever you are celebrating, I hope you are enjoying the sources of happiness in this season, but more importantly, I hope you are experiencing joy.

Happiness is a transient feeling that tends to be based on other people, things, places, thoughts, and events. Joy is based on internal sources. When you are at peace with who you are at your core in this moment, joy flows.

To put it another way happiness is in your mind. Joy is embodied.

This is not easy when you are experiencing pain, fatigue, or tension in your body right now. Your joy may be limited by worries about your body’s ability to stay healthy and do what you want and need it to do without injury, especially as you age. Joy may be blocked when you look in the mirror, and what you see does not match the images in the media or your memories of what your body used to look like.

To embody joy, you need to know how to feel at home in your body in the present moment. When your body feels like home, you are not only more likely to want to take care of it, you’re more likely to ENJOY each step of the way towards greater health and well-being.

This starts with knowing how to use movement to reduce tension and inflammation, restore confidence in your strength, and recharge your energy, in the body you are in right now.

Do exercise and joy seem more like opposing forces to you? Check out this blog I wrote that provides a fresh perspective.

If joy is eluding you because of limitations in your body, let’s chat. I will listen to what you are experiencing and we will talk about ways to move that restore peace and joy in your body now. No pressure, no sales pitch, no fooling!