The Power of Why“

“Discovering the WHY injects passion into our work. This is not a formula for success… it’s a tool to help us achieve long-term, fulfilling success.” Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek popularized finding Your Why for work. His 2009 TED talk is one of the 25 most popular TED talks of all time. Why is finding Your Why so appealing?  In his TED talk, he spelled out with a mesmerizing conviction that the companies who clearly convey their Why enjoy success, and the ones who don’t never find satisfying success.

Just do it. Right?

The Nike phrase “Just Do It” leads us to believe we don’t need the why. You know what to do so just get out there and do it. It works for athletes because they already have a clear why—to win. Without the power of your why for exercising, though, those three words just won’t keep you motivated.

But the Why for exercise is pretty clear, isn’t it? It’s to lose weight, be healthy, age well, look better, live longer—the list goes on and on. These Whys don’t work because they are not the kind of Whys Simon Sinek is talking about.

To get to the level of Why that will keep you going when the going gets tough takes a bit of digging.

Cardio, weight lifting, stretching are should’s

To help you get clearer about your Why for exercising, I intentionally use the words

  • strength, instead of weight lifting
  • stamina, instead of cardio and
  • mobility, instead of stretching and balance exercises

Strength, stamina, and mobility are the Why; weight lifting, cardio, and stretching are the what.  This gets you a bit closer, but you need to go still deeper, below the surface, to a one-word summation of your Why to exercise.

Your one word

Your Why is not just a word, it’s your word; it’s the personal meaning behind the word that only you know and feel. When you hear it, it sends you right to the heart of what is most important to you in life right now. This is what will keep you motivated even when your to-do list is long and your mental energy is short. This one word helps you restore your well-being, no matter what kind of exercise you do or for how long you do it.

Here are some examples of one-word Whys my clients have uncovered in our coaching sessions:


More motivation for your exercise goals

This word is what gives life to your life.  It’s a declaration that you will not settle for just going through life without really living.

It’s a way of saying, “I’m not willing to put my life on hold until I reach my goal, I want to be well now!”

Your one word transforms any amount of exercise you do into a way to get back to feeling like yourself when life gets a bit crazy.

The simple way to make exercise motivating

Why one word? Because life’s complicated and the media makes exercise complicated too, by flooding us with those surface Whys and giving us long lists of what we ‘should’ do.

To be well in today’s world, you need something simple you can use to get out of the ‘should’s’ and stay clear about what will restore your well-being right now. This is essential because weight loss, slower aging, and health only happen when exercise restores you to a state of being well.

The bottom line on why knowing what to do is not motivation enough

  • Knowing what to do for exercise keeps you in the ‘should’s’.
  • There are many surface Whys for exercise, but they will not keep you motivated.
  • Your Core Why makes exercise a way to be well now.
  • The state of well is when health happens.

Find Your Why for Exercising

Ask yourself what is most important to you about exercising? Keep asking that same question until you get to that one word that goes beyond words for you.

Want a shortcut to finding Your Why for exercising?

Click here for a free coaching call with me and together we will uncover your one-word Core Why. Why free? Because I don’t want anyone living in the ‘should’ when it comes to exercise. My Why is for everyone to know how to exercise to be well now in their whole person!