One of the most important things you can do right now

Beyond hand washing and limiting community events, the most powerful thing you can do right now is keep yourself well, physically and mentally. Stress reduces your body’s defenses. Because the stress response prepares your body for movement, the antidote to stress is movement, but only if that movement is not stress-producing.

The need for movement that is calming is especially important for people with medical issues that make typical types of exercise difficult or impossible. 

That is why during this pandemic I am offering a 30% reduced rate on the Exercising WELL membership.  

With this easy-to-use online program, you can exercise at home, in a way that helps you feel better, reduces stress, and returns your body to a state where your immune system can help protect you from illness.

Go to and use the coupon code STAYWELL.   Feel free to share this with someone you know who could use the protective power of exercise right now.  

Whether you are a member or not, please keep in mind, I am just an email away to support you and answer questions about how to use movement to stay well.  

Keep Moving and Stay Well,


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