Move from ‘tough love’ to Inner Trainer

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Psst! Lean in a bit…I am going to let you in on a little secret. You—yes you—have an Inner Trainer™.  This Trainer resides right inside your intelligent body and is your best and most accurate guide for exercise. It’s there 24/7 to guide you through the most personalized workout each and every time, and keep you from going astray. The bonus is that this Trainer is free, for a lifetime!

Working with a personal trainer can be helpful. But without your Inner Trainer™ working alongside you, the results are most likely to be temporary.

Why?  Because science tells us you are unique. No two bodies will respond exactly the same to the same exercise. It’s the science-based Principle of Individuality. But how often are we sold on an exercise program because it worked for someone else? Using personal success stories is a great marketing strategy, but not a way to find your own personal exercise success.

Your body is also unique moment to moment, day to day, and year to year. Only you know how your body feels moment to moment.  When working toward a temporary external goal, like winning a competition, pushing through pain and fatigue is part of the training.   Because we often equate exercise with being athletic, the tradition having someone to push you harder with some “tough love” is often seen as the best way to exercise.  But remember, athletic type goals are meant to be temporary,  and so is this type of motivation.

Your Inner Trainer™ is your most reliable source of information about what’s right for you, when you define exercise success as lasting results.  Learning to listen to and trust your body moment by moment is the only way to adjust what you do so your exercise experience is positive. Remember, a positive experience is the key to lasting habits.

This is supported by neuroscientists’ findings that when you pay attention with an open mind and an attitude of kindness, it leads to lasting motivation. It’s called mindful self-compassion and although it goes against how we have been taught to exercise, it truly works for how we are meant to exercise when we are doing it for health and wellbeing.

This is one of the most challenging approaches to put into place. However, unless you are one of those people who enjoy the “tough love” of pushing your body to work harder and look forward to doing that for the rest of your life, listen to part four of my podcast (duration: 4:21) to find how to use your Inner Trainer for easier motivation and lasting results.

Then, stay tuned for the next session to be released soon.



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